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My apt

So I get called in, got my BP taken, weighed, then the nurse asked me to leave a urine sample...I walk to the bathroom, go then come out....WELL I forgot to leave a sample!! lol I remembered as I was washing my hands and cracking up!! (I got to leave one after my apt!) So I spoke with my dr and he said he said that my fundal height was a little off, and he thinks the baby is measuring small so we have scheduled an u/s for 4 weeks. He's pretty sure that its just because I'm small, but I'm glad he wants to check it out. It's getting me a little nervous, but I am also SUPER excited to see this LO again and make sure its a girl! Also I found out that the pain I've been having right around my scar are BH!! I never had them with DS, so I had no clue. Oh and I asked him that if I get a csect if he cuts above, below or right on, and he said he cuts above and below and makes a new scar. He said people heal better from that. I thought that was pretty funny...its like a mini tummy tuck! lol

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Woo hoo for the extra u/s! Can't go wrong with that Smile Also, about a week before my DD was born, I managed to finagle an extra u/s to be 100% sure that she was a girl, so I totally understand!!! Can't wait to see the pics Smile Oh, and mommy brain strikes again! I bet I would have forgotten to pee in a cup, too.

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I'm just waiting to forget to do the sample too. Glad your appt went well. Yay for another U/S!

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I had another u/s done at 37 weeks with DS because I wasn't measuring right and it was because he was way down in my pelvis. I'm sure all is well!

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"blondiess4u" wrote:

I had another u/s done at 37 weeks with DS because I wasn't measuring right and it was because he was way down in my pelvis. I'm sure all is well!

Well that feels about right! lol. I feel her way down low. Thanks!

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I've always measured small with all of my pregnancies. With my last two I was measuring 5 weeks behind at around 32 weeks. Each time they sent me for an ultrasound and the baby was measuring right on! I just carry my babies way down in my pelvis. I was actually measuring 31 when I was in labor at 39 weeks with my first! She came out at close to 8 pounds too.

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Yay for a good appt! Hopefully she's measuring right on at the u/s and it's just because she's riding low that you seem to be off.

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Those measurements always seem off! With my first they swore he was going to be 12 lbs, he was 8-5. But I'm short waisted so baby has no where to go but out.

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That's pretty funny about forgetting the sample... preggo brain! Glad to hear all is well!