my baby is abusing me

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my baby is abusing me

Her kicks and jabs are so hard I shout! She has not stopped moving for what seems like 5 hours! (Thanks to the leg cramps, I have been up that long)

I can't wait till she is born and I can see all this wiggly action! She is way more active then my boys ever were.

I think I'm so sensitive to it because she has been laying on my left side for the last 2 months and now switched to the right.

But I can't complain, its the most wonderful thing in the world! Just 6 more weeks and I'll be holding my baby!

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I know what you mean! I can't wait to see how much her feet and legs move because I swear that's all she does all day/night. Maybe we'll have a few soccer players amongst us?

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It's crazy how active they can be, isn't it? Doing baby workouts in there. I'm going to miss it for sure.

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I love it so much, maybe only because this one only aims for my skin, not my organs.

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"wobbs" wrote:

I love it so much, maybe only because this one only aims for my skin, not my organs.

Ooh, I hear you on this one! DD stuck her heel into my liver and would. not. move. it. til. delivery. Ow. This guy usually kicks out, and though it hurts sometimes, I do enjoy it Smile

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I can't wait to see how big DS ends up. He moves a lot more than DD ever did. I can't wait to see if its because he's smaller & has more room or he's bigger & just man handles me. Smile

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lol!! DD's daily kickboxing sessions used to knock the wind out of me! I remember talking to a friend at around 7 months and Odeliya started kicking and dancing and I had to stop talking and lean against a wall - my friend almost had a heart attack, she thought I was in labor!!
This one has nightly dance parties around 3am - it's like non-stop wiggling and moving for about 20 minutes and then it calms down... sooo crazy!

The funny thing is that Odeliya is a little dancer - she loves to wiggle and dance, so I guess we'll see if the same holds true for this one...?! My boys were both a bit calmer, but DS2 was definitely more active and he is a strong little guy who doesn't sit still!

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I commiserate

My little boy often goes through periods where he refuses to stop moving. I timed him once, and he moved nonstop for about an hour and 15 minutes. Since he's descended into my pelvis, his continual headbutts against my cervix have not been pleasant, either. God forbid he gets the hiccups, because then he seems to get really frustrated and his movements are very sharp and large. He doesn't seem to kick too much. He seems to roll and roll and roll, and he keeps shoving his little legs against one side of my stomach and pressing his butt into the other side. I have no idea where he gets it from.

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This little gem I swear last night was scraping her nails along the wall of my uterus down low ... that was fun .....

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They are wiggly aren't they? I'm going to miss it so much!