My Big Preggo Belly :-)

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My Big Preggo Belly :-)

So I apologize for any thread confusion I am causing as I am trying to catch up on some of them since I had been away all last week.

While I was on vacay I realized that I have yet to post any belly pic's and since I have seen most of your fabulous belly pics, I thought it would be nice to share one of mine-- so I am posting one I took when I was 29 weeks. I'm dressed up because this was my dress for a wedding I went to that day--- I was waiting for the reception to start.

photo.JPG by Melissar06, on Flickr

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You look beautiful!!! I love your hair!

You aren't doing any thread confusion... please catch up! It takes awhile when you miss. Smile

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You look great! I love the dress and hair.

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You look fantastic!

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lovely picture !

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Love the belly! You looks so cute! TFS!

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You look adorable! Great bump Mama!