My Boys

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My Boys

Sorry for being tardy ladies...

Archer Rhys 6lb 12oz 9:39pm
Harrison Fisher 7lb 1oz 9:44pm
Arrived Friday, October 14th.

I had to have some pitocin to start labour as my water broke with very few contractions happening. They both arrived vaginally & I'm happy to say I got my 2nd unmedicated birth. Yay!!! It was an awsome experience all in all & to be honest the only thing that hurts is my epidural catheter site. It was recommended in case of emergency section but we didn't use the meds. My back is a hurtin' though. Think flu shot achiness in the spine. Argghh!!

Boys are amazing & we came home the very next day around 2pm. Yay!!!

I'll post pics today.

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Wow, congrats on your desired birth! Welcome Archer and Harrison!

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Congrats Mira, can't wait to see pics!!

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Congrats! Glad you got your desired birth!

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that's awesome that you had them both vaginally and unmedicated. I opted for the meds and totally understand the soreness in the back. I don't remember that from my DD birth, but it was def sore for about 3 days afterwards

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That is so awesome that you were able to have a drug free birth!! Congrats on your baby boys!!