My interesting 34 week appt (w/ pics & back story)

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My interesting 34 week appt (w/ pics & back story)

So... if you are a facebook friend of mine, you may have noticed that I 'had it out' with Best Buy over my netbook warranty plan the day before my appt. The short story of what is now referred to as...

The Best Buy Incident
I needed work done on my netbook. The exp date for the coverage was 08.29.11 so I went on 08.29.11 to get it checked out. (I wasn't procrastinating... I just happened to have a problem the day before). After getting all the paperwork filled out, the Best Buy computer system told the associate that I wasn't covered on 08.29.11 because the coverage ended at midnight... making the last day of coverage 08.28.11. :censored: I should also mention that not one Best Buy employee knew that was how the warranty worked. :arguing: After 3 hours of arguing & subsquently creating a scene... the store mgr comes out, takes 2 min & poof... it was fixed. I'm now covered & my computer was sent off to be fixed. :violent2:

So... when I left the store (3 hours later), I was cramping pretty bad & my blood pressure had to be sky high. My 34 week appt is the next day on 08.30.11...

My 34 week Appt
- My BP was 126/80 (not high but mine is usually 110/70 so a bit high)
- I gained 4 lbs in 2 weeks. :eek: Making my total for the pg +23 lbs.
- No protein in my urine. I'm swollen for the first time though (probably from 3 hours of standing)
- Baby sounded great (130s bpm)
- Measured exactly 34 weeks... Now here's the interesting part... I measured 34 weeks at my last appt 2 weeks ago (I was seen by a different dr... not my normal OB). She said that she thought the measurement last time had to be wrong. What does that mean????

I mentioned that ever since yesterday the baby's movements felt different. Everything felt more exagerrated & hurt. I also mentioned the Best Buy Incident. The OB felt like I was fine. I can't help but wonder in the back of my mind if I'm leaking fluid. I'm always wet down there but between (TMI) sweat & discharge... I don't know how I would notice a small leak... if that's even possible.

Here's my comparison pics from today & last week...
34 weeks 1 day.......................33 weeks 1 day.......................30 weeks 1 day

I'm wearing different pants but they are the same style & size... I think my belly looks bigger... what do you think?

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You say that a different doc measured you this appointment vs last appointment. My guess is they just do it differently. You could have three docs measure you on the same day and get three different measurements.

Was the time of day different for the appointments? One before lunch, one after lunch?

If baby is dropping some that will cause your measurements to slow down a bit.

Baby could have been lying differently at the appointments.

There's a million and one reasons that the measurements could be different, really not something I'd be concerned about at all.

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I think your belly looks different for sure!

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Your belly definetly looks bigger, and if anything, slightly higher at 34 weeks. Glad you got the mess at Best Buy figured out, sorry it took so long with so much stress.

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I agree you look a bit higher now. Ethan probably just switched positions. But having different measurements from different drs isn't something I'd worry about anyways. They all have their own way of doing things :).

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Ailsey's movements hurt like hell too, like she is playing with a knife in there!

So sorry about the Best Buy drama, I dont do business with them any longer due to incidents like this, but im glad that you got what you needed in the end, nothing wrong with creating a little scene Smile

its hard to see a lot of growth but Im sure you feel it!!

as for the leakage, I could have SWORN I was leaking, i had enough wetness that I would have to change clothes and it would be running down my leg, no joke, yet when I was checked in L&D I was super closed, so I dont think anything could have come out.

Hugs mama, try and relax and enjoy these next few weeks Smile

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Thanks ladies! I'm already hormonal & the Incident just made it worse I think. Plus, I'm not used to having a LO this active. DD never moved... seriously... I would maybe feel her twice a day. She was content to just be still & she came out just as laid back. She's not so laid back anymore though but that's a different story. Wink

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I think your belly does look bigger! I gained 4lbs at my 34 week appt too!

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From everything I've read, belly measurements don't mean much so don't worry about it! Babys moving, you can feel yourself stretching, all is well!