My little diva!

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My little diva!

Just had to share this photo of my baby girl that I took today. I think this is the cutest outfit she has worn so far. Really shows off her inner diva! Smile I am so jealous of her natural tan too!

And let me tell you, she is a DIVA!! She will let you know when she is unhappy and everybody has commented about the lungs she has on her. I do believe she will be my high maintenance child!

Here are a couple of other photos. I love the one in her swing. It's the moment when she discovered that it had a mirror on it. LOL!

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What a cutie!!! I already see that she looks different from her newborn pics! They change so quickly!

As far as having a Diva child...welcome to the club...they don't call DD~ Eva the Diva for nothing. lol.

Loving the animal print!!!

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She is gorgeous! I love seeing how much personality they already have.

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So cute! I do miss the cute outfits. Isn't it funny how they already have a personality? Kessler is so different than Abby. It's almost like I'm a first time mom again. I'm having to learn him because most of my "tricks" from Abby don't work for him. At least they keep us on our toes!

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Adorable! They are all so different, though I think Callie is still my diva Wink

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She's adorable! Love the outfit! So funny her starring at the mirror. Nicholas discovered his the other day too! Good luck with your Diva!

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I feel you on having a little diva! My DD is as fiery as they come! She's a complete doll though. I love the pic of her staring at the mirror!

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Very cute, love the outfit!!!

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