My LO has doesn't roll over yet...

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My LO has doesn't roll over yet...

My LO is still not rolling over... He may have rolled over about three times from stomach to back by accident. But he has no desire at all to roll over or crawl. Does anyone else have a non-crawler?

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Don't know if it makes you feel better that my DD2 doesn't roll. She rolled 10 times in January and hasn't since. All she wants to do is sit and play.

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Kessler rolled belly to back early but has no desire to flip the other way. He throws his legs over but when you're happiest on your back why would you bother rolling to your belly. He's strong so I'm sure he could. he sits up so I'm not worrying about it. plus i'm SOOOOOOOOOOO not ready for bhim to be mobile.

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Conor also doesn't roll over though I'm sure he's perfectly able to do so. He rolls up on his sides and looks around, but then goes back to his back! My pediatrician said not to worry as long as he's developing other skills, such as sitting, etc.. and he LOVES to sit! I wouldn't worry too much.

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Callan doesn't roll over either. He gets right on his side then goes back. He also doesn't sit unaided either, every baby is different. My now 10yr old at 1 wasn't crawling, walking anything. My then Ped was not worried and she is now a very healthy active girl. I am quite happy Callan is not doing these things yet as he is my last he gets to be my baby a bit longer Smile lol

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we only rolled over back to front twice, no other tricks in our house

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Consider it a gift! As you know, they're so much easier before they're mobile! All babies develop at their own pace :), as long as he's doing other things I wouldn't be concerned.