My nuchal scan pictures

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My nuchal scan pictures

Sorry these are so late, I keep forgetting to post them LOL I did the option where I won't get ANY results back until after the second round of u/s and blood work because the u/s tech said that just looking at the u/s everything was perfect and we really had no reason to suspect anything was wrong.

So this was supposed to be 12w even, but baby measured 12w6d and has consistently measured about 6 days ahead since the second time I had to go in for spotting (so on Feb 28 I measured 8w5d, right on target with my due date; 2 days later I measured 9w3d; and 2 days after that I measured 9w6d). They didn't change my due date, which is fine, I know it's a rough guess-timate anyway.

Sorry they're huge, I don't feel like messing with photobucket today lol

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Beautiful pics!

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I love these! I like the head down one the best.. I always think those are really neat.

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The second one cracks me up because when she took the picture s/he kept moving around something fierce and put it's hands up beside it's head and did a little "neener neener boo boo" action. It was hilarious.

I was *SHOCKED* at how much it looks like an actual baby now and not a little alien lol

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awww, those are great pics...

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Such cute pics! Smile

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Great pics!!!

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