My poor baby :(

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My poor baby :(

Everything is always a little hectic around here. Three days after being home from the hospital, my D1 is sick, then I get sick, then D2 gets sick. We were all congested, low fevers, sore throat for me. Poor D2 could hardly breath while bfing. She is now 2 weeks old, 2 days and for the 4-5 days she has been vomiting, projectile. I've been trying to get a hold of my doctor to see her, I am a little worried. Its only been once a day or so, but last night it was twice and it was bright yellow this time :S.

I have been also dealing with the baby blues, PPD. I cry enough and I always feel like the worst parent. My oldest has been acting out a lot, and I feel like I don't spend enough time with her... I do, I try but its like every time I am BFing, DD1 wants me to read her a book or colour with her. To add to this list, I was BF DD2 last night in bed...I don't no what happened, I guess I fell asleep and woke up to my baby on the floor crying. I feel so bad, like I cry thinking about it. I couldn't even tell my DH last night because I know he would say something to make me feel even worse. She is okay, no bumps, no cause for concern but I want to take her to my doctor today if I can. What else can go wrong?? Has this happened to anyone? Should I be worried?

On a good note, Kendra was weighed last week, she was born 8 lb, 15 oz. When we went home from the hospital, she lost 1% of her weight. A week after coming home from the hospital she was weighed, 9 lb, 7.5 oz!! So I hope this vomiting hasn't affected her weight gain this week......

Try this link for a picture Smile

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I'm so sorry you are struggling right now!! I would take her to the doctor for the vomiting. It's probably just a case of her overfilling her belly and then throwing up. I had a couple of mine do this the first few weeks after my milk came in well. They would just gorge themselves and it was too much. However, it COULD be something else. I wouldn't worry about the fall if she seems fine now. At one point or another something like that happens to all of us. :bighug: Also, it is very normal for emotions to be all over the place the first few weeks after birth. Don't be too hard on yourself. Try to get as much sleep as you possibly can, and don't feel like you need to do it all. Just try to relax and enjoy being with your kids. Cleaning the house can wait, and frozen pizza for dinner will be fine for a couple weeks.

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Thank you for the reply. It's nice just knowing someone is listening. Is it sad, I read the post and start to tear up? I have problems talking to people about my problems and this site seems to help me vent, talk out my issues etc. So thank you for anyone who listens !!

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I totally get it. I feel the same with with not spending time with Abby. She does the same thing as far as wanting my attention when I'm BFing. I swear I've said, "When Kessler is finished eating I will...." about 1,000x these past 5 weeks. Totally normal for you to be all over the place emotionally as well. After my parents left and DH was in full harvest and not home but a couple of hours a night I was a mess. It will get better, but if it doesn't talk with your OB about it.

Also, please don't beat yourself up to badly over the baby falling. Had I not woken up as Kessler was slipping out of my arms, the same thing would have happened to me when he was about 2 weeks old. First time I've "said" it to anyone, but sometimes it's good to know that it does happen to other moms out there.

I would make the appointment if you're worried about the vommitting/spit up. It will make you feel better even if it's nothing.