My scan

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My scan

Had my first scan today. Baby was upside down laying on arms and legs and sleeping we think. After some prodding it started to roll, facing us then onto it's back. Waving and kicking on it's way. Everything looks perfect, can even see the cute little nose. Was laying there with it's arms resting on it's belly. HB looked great too. They took the NT measurement which was 2.4mm, will hear within a week once my blood work comes back and they can work out my risk factor. Baby measured 75mm from head to rump which moves my dates up to Oct 1st but am not changing my ticker until I speak to the midwife.
Great appt the tech was awesome. Booked my big scan for May 17th.
Here is Baby H

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YAY!! Oh I'm so glad you finally got to see your LO! Glad everything went goo! OMG May 17 is right around the corner!

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That is awesome you had a good scan! Beautiful Baby!

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beautiful lil one you have there. and what a cute little nose!

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yay! glad you finally got your scan!! Smile

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Glad to hear all is well, great picture! Great news on the nuchal measurement too!

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Yay!! You have a cute little baby there! Smile

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Gorgeous! Congratulations on your scan!!!

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I am glad you finally got in. Love the picture!

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That is one beautiful baby! Glad you finally got your scan!

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What a beautiful picture!!!!