my "short"

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my "short"

So baby girls middle name will be Elizabeth..........we can't agree on ANY first names as of yet. Here is our "short" list...


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well if you're going off the sound of the two, I think the 2 syllable or less works good with a longer middle name. Since Elizabeth has 4 syllables, I like
Callie and Chloe - My sister's name is Ashley Elizabeth.
Just my two cents - though unless you really go with a double name (we call our DD Abby Kate about 75% of the time) then it really doesn't matter that much how well it "flows" to say it. Once you name her and have say it about 1,000 times it will flow just fine! LOL.

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First off I think that's a great middle name. Elizabeth is my middle name! Callie was on our list of girl names and I think that it goes well with the names of your other children and with the C theme. But they're all beautiful names!

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I'm fond of Callie, but you probably knew that Wink Elizabeth was my second choice for middle name. We went with Ruth, since it was my DH's grandma's name.