my son is confusing my boobs! LOL

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my son is confusing my boobs! LOL

So yesterday was such a wierd day. Kessler wasn't happy unless he was sleeping or sucking on something. He's never been fond of a paci, but for a little bit of the time I could keep one in his mouth, he would start to doze off and then when it popped out, he's go nuts. I mean like nursing for 45-1hr session, starting to pass out, burp, and wake up freaking out and wanting to suck. I thought maybe growth spurt, so I'd give him a little time and then let him nurse again, but one of the times after I let him nurse again he spit up a bunch leading me to think he wasn't really hungry but just wanting to suck. And I'm confident I'm making milk b/c he also pulled off kind of pissed that milk was coming out. So it was a crazy night as well to begin with. Now he's ben asleep for 5 1/2 hours and with all the frequent nursing yesterday and last night. OMG! My boobs are insane. They feel like when my milk came in. The sucky part is I got my accessories for my old medela pump and they didn't come with tubing. What a tease! SO I have an almost complete pump that I could take care of the pressure and let him continue to sleep but with no tubing it's useless!!!! GGGRRRRR!!!! He's almost 3 weeks. Someone reassure me that he's about to hit a growth spurt or something b/c I can't handle this new baby that's not happy unless sucking but doesn't suck on a paci. I simple refuse to be a human paci. HELP!

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3 weeks is a really typical time for cluster feed/growth spurt. I bet he's about to grow! Sorry you're in discomfort.. I 100% understand!

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Definelty sounds like a growth spurt! Don't forget your can hand express if you need to in order to relieve some of the pressure.

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owen was REALLY rough starting at about 2w3d and its getting better now, 3w1d.

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"rbrooks14332" wrote:

owen was REALLY rough starting at about 2w3d and its getting better now, 3w1d.

well our babies are just days apart. yesterday was 2w4d so that makes me feel like it's normal and i'll get my angel back

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I hate being a human paci too! I did it will DS and i went insane! I noticed Nicholas likes to suck on my finger, so sometimes I do that! You could also try different pacifiers too.