My son was right!

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My son was right!

It's a GIRL! Holy crap we still can't believe it. The u/s tech said 95% sure but not to paint the bedroom. Well that part got me a little sad...I know its not 100% but give me a little hope! Lol

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They were only 85% sure on my first girl, and it turned out girl. Smile
Have fun buying all things pink!

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How exciting! We need more girls for October!!! If you didn't see any boy stuff and she saw the three lines, then you've got a girl.
Congrats and enjoy shopping! Girls are tons of fun!

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How exciting! Congrats!!

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Yay!!! Congrats on a little girl!!

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Congrats! They told me the same thing at my 18 week u/s which made me nervous, but at my 20 week u/s it was 100% GIRL! So pretty sure you're safe to go ahead and paint the room. Smile

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YAY! Congrats on the girl!!! Girls are so much fun!

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Congrats Aimee!!! Miles will have his hands full trying to keep the boys away!

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Yay for a girl!!!!!!

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wonderful news!!!

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I would go ahead and paint the room! Congrats on your Girl!!!!

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YAY!!! Congrats!

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How exciting for you! Congrats! :woohoo:

It's funny because you kept saying you felt like you were destined for boys, and I said the same thing before I found out my 2nd was a girl :).

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I love my DD - girls are awesome! Congrats Smile

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hey did you end up with a root canal today?

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Hooray for another girl on our board! Congratulations!

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Congrats on your princess!!! BTW, I think they have to say stuff like that to protect themselves from silly lawsuits. 95% sounds pretty certain to me. Smile

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Congratulations on your little princess....blessed are parents who have a girl !!

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"ekcanada" wrote:


Congrats Aimee!!! Miles will have his hands full trying to keep the boys away!

That's one of the reason I wanted a boy first!! lol

BTW I didn't need a root canal!! Drove all the way there, and the DR said "Oh I thought we talked about this last time...I was just going to pull the tooth" WTH for real?? Ugh, so that's the good news about that one!! lol