My turn!

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My turn!

At L&D just got my epidural half hour ago... Not sure when the LO will come. Will keep you guys posted!

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Good luck! ELV! KUP!

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Yahoooooo!!!!! ELV's

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ELV!!! keep us posted.

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Yahoo! ELV's, KUP!

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Good Luck!! ELV!

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Good luck! I'm thinking of you!

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yaaay! GL....KUP!!

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I hope you are holding your precious new LO now!! KUP!

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Congrats! Looking forward to seeing updates and pics!

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Well.....??? Waiting to hear all about it! Hope you and baby are happy and healthy!

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Yay!!! Can't wait to hear an update!

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hoping that no update means baby is here! Biggrin