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So this is the first of our kids I get to name. I just cannot come up with girls names at all.
A lot of the names I like are a little out there such as Race, Ryker, Rocco, Kale... Cute as a kid but not so good when you go for a job interview lol

Anyway I think I found one I love that is not very common. Having grown up as Emma with at my high school in my year there were 12 Emma's and 10 of us had the same middle name. You seriously cannot go anywhere here without hearing someone call out the name Emma. So I like not so popular names lol

So here it is...
Dane Michael H*****

The Michael part is my DH's middle name, but the name he has always gone by. My eldest DD has my Mum's name as her middle name, and my second DD has my DH's first name as her middle name. The other male names in the family are: David, Leonard, Frank, Ronald, Sidney. None of them are really names I would like to use lol

We never shared our names with anyone we know in real life, so I wondered what you guys thought.
If it is a girl guess it is gonna be my DH naming again lol

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awww what a cute name! but great when he is older too!

We are including DF's middle name as a first name too. We thought a Michael as well.
and I think it's great to have a middle name that can be a first name as well so they can choose when they are older!

btw- the siggy pic of your girls is so cute! they are beautiful!

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I love it!

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! If I was a boy my parents were going to name me Dane!

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Love the name Dane. Logan's middle name is Michael which is DH middle name and his dad's first name. If it is a girl you could call her Sidney after your family member.

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I like how you combined a "different" name with a "classic" name. I think it sounds "smart" and a nice choice.

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cute. I have a friend from high school that named her LO Dane. Not freakishly common, so you should be good.

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Love the name!

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I love it! Not at all common but not so out there people have no idea where to start with it. My DS's middle name is Michael, so I especially like that too. It's also my father's name.