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Names, Names, Names

Well, is anyone else having this problem? My husband and I have a name picked out if our baby turns out to be a boy, but we don't have a first name picked out for a girl...and I worry that we never will. Smile Let me put it this way. My husband went through the Social Security list of the 1000 most popular names for girls in 2010. He found 12 he liked. Yep. 12. I went through the same list and found 3 pages worth of names I liked. Unfortunately, there is very little correspondence between our lists. The names he likes, I think "ehhh" or they are just too popular. The names I like, he doesn't like. So, I'm thinking that if it is a girl, I will let the obgyn name her when she's born. The good news is that we don't have to worry for a while if its a boy or girl. Anyone else have problems with picky spouses? How did you compromise?

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With Zara's name I just texted DH a butt load of names and told him to choose and if he couldnt then he had to make a list and ill choose. And we just kept doing that until he chose. That way I didnt feel like I was picking and he was just knocking all of my names out and not thinking about it too.

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For DS I would write emails, and texts and talk about names every day, and DH would ALWAYS shut my names down, but would never tell me what he liked. (we couldn't think of any girl names we liked). Finally I said you make a list, I will make a list and we can compare. Well before we got to that I had one last bought of names and he finally agreed! lol GL!

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We are having the opposite problem. We only have a girls name picked out, but not a boy's. DH is very picky about names so we usually compromise by either I pick out the first name and he picks out the middle name or vice versa. For DS, he picked Stephen for first name and I picked Michael for middle name (named after my dad). For this baby, I picked out Sophia for first name and he picked out Marie for middle name. We just cannot find any boy names we like. We kind of like Gabriel and Alexander, but not really sold on it.

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With my first DD there were no girls names I liked at all. DH found the one we settled on and I changed the spelling. With the second DD I really struggled with girls names again, finally found three I liked and let DH choose, out of those. This time again there are no girls names that jump out at me. Although I am not actively thinking about it. Boys names however keep popping into my head all the time. So I am just making a list of them, for when we find out.

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That was us last time. Smile I didn't even THINK of girls names until I got my 20 week ultrasound. I wasn't going to waste that energy if I didn't have to. (We've had our boys name picked out since my DD1 was about 6 months old). After we found out she was a girl I went through my "gazillion (or whatever it is) baby names" book and I wrote down every name that made me stop and go "hmmm...". Then I let it sit and about 3 days later went back and knocked off all the names I hated. I ended up with a list of I think 8 names to give DH. We narrowed it down to 3, and we both liked 2 different names. We just went with that for about 2 weeks, and then we both decided we liked the third name the best. Her first name was decided about 26 weeks, her full name was decided around 28.

We're super planners, so it was difficult for us to let it hang around that long.

This time I went through the internet and made a list of names the same way I did before. DH stayed up late one night when he couldn't sleep and did some research on the names/added some/took some off. Then when I woke up it was on the computer screen. I ranked them, and his list was very similar. We're PRETTY sure we have a girls name, but we wont' make it final until after the ultrasound. Smile

Now boys names...I'm SET. I could name twin boys at this point Wink

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I've found a few boys names that I really like. I haven't found a single girls name that I love yet, or even really like all that much. Abigail is a front-runner right now simply because DD can say it very clearly lol

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we dont have a boys name. not even any maybes, zip, zilch, nada!

we thought we decidedon Laylah for a girl, but Im just not feeling it now, lol!

I am pretty sure we wont decide till the baby's arrival.

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I didn't even think about names with DD til I found out she was a girl at 20-ish weeks. Then I only looked at girl names. I went through my book and wrote down all the ones I liked. Then I went through my list a second time and got rid of the ones that I felt weren't really what I wanted. Then I checked online and got rid of any in the top 25 for the previous year (DH and I have very popular names for the years we were born and we didn't want to do that to our daughter). Then I showed the list to DH. He got rid of a bunch. Then I looked at it again.. and got rid of a few more. At that point, I was down to about 20. I went online and checked the meanings of the names. That helped me get rid of about 10 more! It took us awhile with those 10. We looked at what the baby's initials would be, etc. We got it down to 3 first name choices (we knew her middle name was going to be Ruth after DH's grandma who passed away when we were about 4 months pregnant with DD). We didn't actually choose her name until 2 days after she was born. We chose it a few hours before we left the hospital! Our reasoning was we wanted to be sure that her name fit HER Smile

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Uhmmm no. We never have a disagreement about names. For his 5 mins of fun I get 9 months of pain, swelling and weight gain. I reserve all rights to name the baby whatever I want! HAHAA

1st son was Obvious because he was to be named after his dad, Kevin Ray II
2nd son's name came to me one day while I was out driving and I said to myself, "Self... I think I like the name Kaden and middle name will be James after my father in law. So yes... I like Kaden James."

This kid no problem with first names... Just no clue for the middle names..... I'm truly stumped this time. Least I got plenty of time to think about it (:

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We're having trouble with girl names too. We have a bunch of boy names that we like that we'll be able to narrow down easily. We've never actually talked about girl names before since I had DD's name since high school, so this is uncharted territory for us! DH is easy though, he likes most of what I throw at him. Though he will tell me if he really doesn't like something. Then after we find out the baby's gender I'll come up with something from the names we've discussed and he'll have veto power, of course. We've named both our babies the day we found out they were a boy/girl :).