need a dress

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need a dress

I have to go to a wedding in 2 weeks, eak!!! I have nothing to wear. Well, thats not true, I have 2 dresses but they are way too casual. They are plain black but that jersey type material, and its a night wedding. I guess I'll try Maternity works, they have cute stuff, but I hate that everything makes me look 10x bigger then i am since they are all cut likes tents!

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I bought mine at Kohls. It was cheap and super comfy without looking cheap and comfy lol. I can't figure out how to get a pic on here...the ones that show the full dress are still on the camera. Mine was form fitting, but not skin tight so it didn't look like a bag like the other dresses I had! I hope you get to find a good one!

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Is it a FORMAL formal wedding?

I was 8 1/2 months pregnant when DH graduated flight school and they had a formal dinner that I had to wear a dress to. I went to Davids Bridal and got a really pretty dress that had the empire waist and flawy dress material. It was very pretty.

I went to my best friends wedding back in June when I was about 20 weeks pregnant. I wore this dress from Motherhood Maternity:

It was a more formal afternoon wedding and I didn't feel underdressed at all Biggrin

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I found two on for $15 each!!! they are 40% off right now. a friend just gave me one to try on, but its full length which looks horrid on me.

I'll probably order the one online since there is a 3pc nursing pj set for $15 as well that I really want.

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Good luck finding a dress... I know what you mean about a "tent"... that's how I usually feel. Last time I had to go to DH's high school reunion... I ended up with a black skirt & a "fancy" top. I'm not sure what I would do at a formal or semi formal wedding.

Crap... I just realized I have a wedding at the end of Sept. It's a morning wedding so I should be fine in something I have... if I still fit in them by then... ROFL I could be huge. :eek:

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Just a thought...If what you order doesn't work out, I would go with one of the black ones you have and accessorize! Even in casual material, black can dress up really nicely with a fancy scarf or some sparkly (and inexpensive) necklaces, bangles, and fancy pair of shoes if you have ones you can still wear comfortably.