New Pumpkin Pie Moms... What are you using most?

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New Pumpkin Pie Moms... What are you using most?

What are you using most the first week?
Is it changing in the subsequent weeks?
What have you found you can't live without?
Is there anything you have deemed a Must Have yet?

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I've been using my pump the most. Just trying to stock up on milk until I have to return to work. I cannot live without "my Brest friend" nursing pillow!! So far it is my favorite buy and a must have for any nursing mom!! So much better than a boppy!!

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I love the Nursing cover! I can nurse my LO anywhere without expsoing myself.

I also can't live without my carseat cover. It goes over the top of the carseat and has alittle viewing window so no one can see or look at him which prevents anyone asking to hold him. It rained the other day and he didn't get wet because I had this, perfect for winter too and so much better then a regular blanket over top.

A wipe warmer! I didn't have this last time and decided to get one this time. It is getting cold here and makes the wipes get really cold and he screams if something cold touches him so it has been a life saver to have a warm wipe since diaper changes are hard enough.

Itzbeen timer- Can I say life saver!!! I have been so tired and cannot remember when I fed him last so I just time everything and then I know if its been to long since his last feeding or diaper change... really helps if you can remember to carry it around.

I'm sure I will think of something else and add to this.

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I love my nursing pillow and have also been using the bassinet from my stroller in the living room to let the baby nap in as he's very toasty in there. If he falls asleep and I want to go to bed we just carry the bassinet into the bedroom and place it in the playpen instead of having to move him and wake him up. I also love the little night light (totspot light) in bed so I can see if he has a good latch or not. The flannel receiving blankets and fuzzy blankets are also a must so he can keep his body warm.