Nicholas' Birth Story

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Nicholas' Birth Story

Sorry this took me forever to write! As you can imagine I am a very busy momma and I will try to stay active on this board. It is so amazing to finally hold your baby in your arms after all those aches and pains. But I must say I do miss holding him in my belly and I am going through some emotions with the change, but I do love snuggling him all day. He is just so perfect and he is an easy baby. He only wakes up a couple times to eat at night and sleeps right next to me and hardley makes a noice. He has alittle bit of jaundice and seems extra sleep so I ma take him in the get checked out. Other then that we are all doing great! I am healing well! I have already taken him out for the first time. He is doing great at breastfeeding and it is starting to hurt less. I don't even feel sleep deprived! My DS is doing well with all the changes and is on love with his baby brother. he tries to help out too. We have alot of family helping us and giving him extra attention while we adjust! Anyways, here is his birth story. I did not proof read so I hope it makes sense!
I am going to get back to snuggling my little boy!!!

Good luck to all you ladies as you welcome your LO into the world!

Birth Story
On Thursday, 9/15 I had my 38 week appt. Every seemed good accept I was measuring small. Doctor seemed concerned so she had me come back in the afternoon for a u/s. Well I just figured LO is really low since I was already 2cm and almost fully effaced but I wasn't going to turn down a u/s.
So I went back and they did some measurments and noticed my fluid was low and baby's head was measuring 2 weeks behind. So she had me come back on Friday 9/16 for a NST to make sure he was fine, which he was, but she was still concerned about the low fluid so she said I was high risk and was going to switch me over to a high risk doctor. She called him and told him the situation and he said to induce me immediatly. She warned me because of the head measurment that there could be something wrong with the baby and I would be delivering as a high rish and a nicu team. I might not be able to see my baby when he is born. I was so upset!!! This is not what I wanted at all. I had such an easy delivery with DS and now this? So I got all my papers and headed down to labor and delivery in shock. I called my SO and parents and they headed to the hospital.

They hooked me up to pitocin around 2pm (2 hours after my nst) and i sat and waited for about 4 hours while I felt nothing. No contractions at all. Doctor came in about 6pm and said I was 3 cm and fully effaced so she broke my water. It gushed out. It was hard to believe I had low fluid!! I started contracting immediatly. It was so painful and everyone was still in the room, so my SO got everyone out so we could get on the birth ball. SO was so good, he helped ease my back pain by pressing really hard while I went through a contraction. It helped alot but it started to get to intense that I started losing control. I wanted to make it to 8cm before an epideral so I got checked again after only 1 hr on the birth ball and I was already at 6 cm! This was probably around 8pm. My nurse said that if I wanted the epideral to do it soon so I decided to do it because the pitocin and dialating so fast was kicking my a**. I was getting so tired and was so hot and I jusy wanted to rest and ease some pain until I delivered. The epideral seemed to take forever. He was so slow puting it in, but maybe because I was just having so much pain. It was about 8:30 when it was in and it seemed to not be working. I was feeling major pressure! The nurse checked me right agter receiving the epideral and I was at 10 ready to push!!! SO I had gone from 3 cm to 10cm in less then 3 hours!! No wonder why I was in so much pain. and the pitocin didn't help. My nurse called it a double whammy! I told her I felt the urge and she told me I had to wait because she had to call my doctor to get here! They got everything ready while I tried to hold it but the pressure was so strong! I felt everything!!! The doctor got the about 8:45 and I pushed with intense pressure and pain for about 40 min. With 8 long pushes that seemed like an eternity! I felt his head crowning but I was getting so tired that it was so hard to give good pushes, so I had her use the vaccum which she had to only use once when his head came out and then I pushed the rest of him out of me with a big scream and I reached down naturally when your in the much pain and grabbed him to pull him out and I felt immediate relief! He was out!! 9:28. They laid him on my chest and SO cut the cord and they wisked him away to the NICU nurses standing by and they did all there tests and then put there hads up and said there is nothing wrong with him he is very healthy! We all cried in happiness!!! SO they brought him over to me. he was wide awake looking around. I tried to nurse him but he didn't want to, but I bonded with him for awhile until the nurse took him for more tests.
I barely tore. In fact, Im not sure where I tore but she put a stitch in 3 places. I thought that everyone tore at the bottom but mine was near the top. I felt it when i pushed him out. Ouch! Definitey not as bad as the episiotomy I got with DS.
SO was so wonderful during the delivery, he never left my side and he helped me make it through the hard contractions by telling me how we will be taking our boys to the beach soon and all the wonderful things we will get to do as a family. It was so sweet and empowering for me. I felt like such an amazing woman by pushing my baby out and feeling him come out! Everyone said I did great and I felt great! Maybe traumitized alittle! I wouldn't trade him for the world and I would do it all over again to have him!
With that said, I'd liek to introduce to you my beautiful son:

Nicholas Wynn
9:28 pm
6lbs 9oz
19 1/2 in.

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Awe! What a great story and he is adorable!!! How neat that our LO's will share the same birthday and born just within hours of each other! Smile Congrats!!

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Congrats on your beautiful baby boy! Great story!!! I can't believe we already have two Oct babies born...and working on a third!!! Biggrin

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What a good story. It started off a bit scary but ended up so wonderful! He is so adorable.

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Congratulations!!! He is so cute! I'm so glad everything went well!

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He is such a cutie!!!! I am glad that he is healthy........enjoy the snuggles momma Smile

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Great birth story! So scary that they thought something could be wrong, but awesome that it all turned out ok in the end. That's all that matters. I'm so glad you posted a pic. He's precious! Can't wait to see more!

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That is such a wonderful story! I'm so glad he was perfect after a scare. Your SO is definitely awesome for being such a rock. Nicholas is absolutely precious! I can't wait to see more pics as he gets bigger. KUP & TFS!

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Congrats on your new baby boy! I'm so glad he is HEALTHY!!!! Enjoy your baby moon! Smile

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Nicholas is gorgeous! Congratulations on a great labor and delivery and an SO that really helps out!

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He is gorgeous! I'm glad he is healthy after the scares.

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Congrats!!!! Glad everything turned out great in the end Smile

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Oh he truly is beautiful! And wow what a whirlwind of a birth, I am glad you are both ok now! Enjoy your sweet boy!
When my 2 yrold saw the picture he said "I have an idea, why dont we get a baby just like that?" That really choked me up, cant wait to hold my LO one too!

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He's just gorgeous! I'm so happy he's healthy after the scare you had before his delivery! I'm glad your labor and delivery went smoothly and quickly!

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He is gorgeous!!! Congrats!!

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Totally was balling like a baby reading it! lol He's absolutely adorable!