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What nicknames have your lo's been given? So far Gillian is Gillybean, my love (shared with big sis), and we're always joking that she has taken the super pooper title away from her sister.

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We all call Markus "deedee"!

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I call Sophia "Sophie bug". DH calls her "angel butt" since he calls DS "monkey butt". LOL!

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Caleb has quite a few nicknames so far. DH calls him puke-atron (like megatron) and pukeasaurus rex. Christian calls him Buzz, as in buzz lightyear, or Mater (Cars). All depending on if he's being Woody or Lightning McQueen of course lol. I guess I'm not that creative because I haven't come up with any, I just use theirs.

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The main one is still Cosmo which was his name whilst I was pg and until he was 4 days old lol But he also gets called chunk/chubs now he finally gaining weight Smile I also call him loads of different ones like Buddha, beautiful boy it varies by day poor kid. My 10yr old DD still gets called Scooby and Fred much to her disgust lol

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it's funny how they just kind of happen. I had no intentions of using this as a nickname, but "little buddy" and "little man" keep coming out of my mouth. I tried forcing myself to say "pumpkin" since he's an october baby but it just didn't come naturally... DD's was doodle bug and then shortened to "doodles".

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Brenna has a few nicknames when she is being sweet we call her Brenna Bear. When she is hungry and cranky we call her brennasauras rex. The grandparents sometimes call her Brenna Blue Eyes.

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I have a funny one I call Nicholas. Sweet pea pumpkin pie buttercup babydoll and he laughs when i say it all so does my SO. We also call him chubby chunk, chub wubbs and Nitolis, because thats how my DS says it.

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We call David Bubba or Bud. The dog also has a new name now that David is noticing him: Big hairy goober. Smile

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We call Conor Mr. C a lot. We also call him Buddy and several variations on 'boy.' I'll think of more later, I'm sure!