Not Feeling well

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Not Feeling well

Is anyone else experiencing this?
Aside from the non-stop swelling in my legs, arms, hands and feet (NOTHING helps it), I also feel a lack of energy and I can't seem to catch my breath sometimes even sitting down. I have horrible pressure in my hips with a stabbing pain in my cervix, but no regular contractions. I was just curious if anyone else was feeling anything like this or if I'm maybe coming down with something (eck, horrible timing :() Hope everyone is doing well!

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Honestly, it sounds like late pregnancy misery. I would keep an eye on the swelling because that can be a sign of pre e. It is also normal to swell some. The breathing is most likely due to the fact that LO has run out of room. I have experienced everything you have mentioned. Some things worse than others. I hope you feel better.

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I don't have much swelling (this time, had lots with DD), but I have every other symptom you mentioned. I hope you feel better soon!

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Sounds WAY to familar to me! Hang in there

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Definitely sounds familiar! I hope you can relax a bit and feel better :).