Nuchal scan today

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Nuchal scan today

I was kinda nervous today for some reason. This was our 4th ultrasound and it never seems to get less nerve-racking! Everything looked great. Baby has grown a lot since we peeked 2 weeks ago. We were able to see the different hemispheres in the brain, elbows, knees, but it was pretty "sleepy". Not too much movement. The u/s here shows a little hand and a leg up in the air. The heart rate has slowed down a bit to 158, so my husband is really hoping it's a sign of a boy. Nuchal test results have come back great. They took 7 vials of blood today too! We'll go back in for another peak in 4 weeks, after I get off a cruise ship. That'll be interesting Smile Can't wait to see everyone else's scans when they get them done.

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Awe what a great pic !! have fun on your cruise!

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What a beautiful picture!

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What a great apt minus the loss of all the blood. Wink Have fun on the crusie!

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Glad to hear everything is good... love the pic!!

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What a great pic! Have fun on your cruise!

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Awe! I want another ultrasound already! I don't think I get one until the 18-20 week though Sad What a great picture of your bean!