Nursery painted!!

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Nursery painted!!

We went out of town for Memorial Day weekend, came home early today and decided to get busy on the nursery so it's all painted now!!! Smile It came out exactly how I envisioned it. It's a VERY light green and looks so beautiful with the bedding. I can't wait until we have the nursery furniture to see it all complete!

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Very nice!

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Gorgeous! I love it.

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Looks great!!!

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It looks nice and calm!! My nursery is bright and bold (sunshine yellow, recycle blue, and apple green)and I am convinced its why we have so many sleep problems. If I was to redo it i'd choose a color like you did. Its perfect!

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Looks beautiful!

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looks great. I think everyone here was painting this weekend. The line at the paint department at lowe's was crazy. Our local True Value had a BOGO sale on paint, but we bought the paint for the garage since organizing it was our big project for the weekend.

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Congrats on getting the painting done! Now I feel really behind. Wink