Nursery pics

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Nursery pics

The only thing we are waiting on now is the crib and I still need to buy some stuff to fill wall space, but here is what we have so far! Smile

This is where the crib will go. We have curtain hooks to hold the curtains back, but we are waiting to put the crib in before we install them. We just put her name up yesterday.

Changing table


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Very cute! We have the same owl art in my DD's big girl room Smile

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Oh I love the room! It's so beautiful! TFS!

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Very cute!!

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Very sweet!

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very cute!

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It's beautiful!!! Love the white furniture- great job so far decorating!

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It looks beautiful!

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Your nursery is so beautiful!!!!!!!

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Love it! So beautiful!!

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WOW! Looks so pretty. I love the way you decorated it!

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Thank you everybody! DH just took my orders of where everything needs to go while I sat in the glider! Smile The crib should be in either tomorrow or Thursday so if I can get him to put it together this week, I'll update with the finished pics!

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Super cute, ready for baby girl now!

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It looks really nice!! Smile