OB appt today (33 weeks)

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OB appt today (33 weeks)

Had my appt today. BP normal (as usual), HR was in the 140's (same as always). When he came in he said you're 31 weeks...........and I was like ummmm no 33. He said yeah I know...lol. But you've been measuring big for awhile. This was the first time he's mentioned how I am measuring so. I do know that at my US Little Miss was measuring about a week ahead as well sooo...

Anyway I scheduled my last 2 week appt for Sept 6th, then its weekly appt. He also said at that next one he would start checking my cervix for dialation/effacement.

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Sounds like you and I have the exact same thing going on! My next appointment is the 7th, though Wink

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Sounds like a decent appt... Sep 6 is my next appt too. Smile Although for some reason the receptionist, scheduled me 3 weeks from my last appt. I'm not sure why but no biggie I guess. I still can't believe we are that close to 1 week appts.

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Sounds like a good appt. Can't believe we're getting so close!

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Almost there! Glad you had a good appointment!

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Wow! It's getting so close. Glad you had a great appointment!