OB appt today....

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OB appt today....

Nothing exciting. No weight gain, HB 140's. Had the group B strep test (will get the results at next appt). He checekd me and said I wasn't dialated at all. I mentioned that it felt like little Miss feels HUGE to me. He felt around on my belly and said that she felt pretty big to him as well. I told him my last was almost 9 lbs and he said well dont be surprised if we have a 10 lber.

I told him about the nurse in L and D that I wasnt impressed with. He asked who she was and then said well she only works nights so lets get baby here during the day. He said once I get to 39 weeks we could talk induction if I wanted. I reminded him that I had a VBAC with my last baby and he was like oh yeah well then we cant really induce. Sad I mentioned again that my labor with Cole was induced at 42 weeks AND I VBACed him (almost 9 lbs and a 14.5 in head). He said well lets see where we are at in a couple weeks and we'll discuss it.

I am hoping that my body will decide to go in to labor on its own because there is no way in HELL I want another c-section. So once I hit 37 weeks I will be trying anything and everything to get labor going...

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Sounds like a good appointment! Hopefully Alli will come a bit early and allow you to not worry about induction vs. C section.

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Why cant you induce with a VBAC? 42 weeks sounds like pure misery!!!

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Glad your appt went well. Crossing my fingers for you that Alli will cooperate & come out in a timely fashion! Smile

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Glad you had a good appt. Hoping miss Alli decides to cooperate and come out on time.

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I hope your little Alli-gator comes on time! I was induced after my water broke at almost 41 weeks with my DD who I attempted to VBAC. I completely hear you on not wanting another C/S! Explain to him you understand the increased risk and are still willing to attempt it.