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Old Wives Tales

I just came across this I did when I was pregnant with DS#2. So far for #3 I've been convinced it's a girl, but now looking at this it's pretty similar to the other 2 ... I'll put what I'm like for #3 in pink

On the Chinese Predictors that said Luca was going to be a boy are saying this is going to be a boy as well. This time it's saying a girl

Luca - Craving red meat and salty foods, This One – not craving meat at all, craving more sweet stuff – fruits but also salty chips and stuff Fruits and salty chips again - totally averse to meat

Hands very dry – BOTHhave not noticed they're dry at all this time, actually have noticed they're less dry than they normally are in winter

Luca BBs did not really grow at all, This one – maybe a little more, but nothing dramatic – still in the same bra size maybe just al ittle more full growing a little bit nothing huge though
Luca - I was nauseous in the beginning (6-10 weeks) but never severe with M/S, This one – didn’t feel as sick in the beginning (6-12/13 weeks) as I did with Luca, was nauseous but it was more manageable, threw up a couple times, but more because I had a cold and the mucous was making me gag. Not sure if this is because it’s different or I don’t have the time to think about it with chasing after Luca I have felt awful but it's letting up now so probably 6 - 12 weeks with the boys is was heaviest in the morning and on and off all day this one it's hard core at night

Luca – absolutely exhausted until 12/13 weeks, This One I really haven’t been that tired. absolutely exhausted come 4:00

Luca HR in the beginning was 170, then 156, This One – exactly the same I don't remember from my first US but was 160s today

Luca - I had 3 boy dreams, This One – I had 1 boy dream and then one dream that I thought it was a girl when I saw her from waste up (like assumed it) and then the doctor said “Oh No – definitely a boy” and looked down and it was a boy. I have had no sex of the baby dreams yet. I'll have to think about it before bed tonight

I forgot to add this one to my list. But I heard one that if toddlers are not really interested in your pregnancy at all then it's a boy but if they are and ask a lot about the baby then it's a girl. My nephew wanted nothing to do with me and never wanted to talk about it. But when we did ask him what he thought it was (last night) he said a boy - which little kids intuition is supposed to be right. And he was certainly right!!! Luca has been saying it's a GRRRL and his baby sister will not even discuss the possibility it could be a boy. Wouldn't say he's overly excited about it but does bring it up occassionally.

So I have no idea now ....

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Geez, you have a better memory than I do! I seriously dont remember all that and from which pregnancy!
All I can tell you is...
Chinese predictor and the baking soda test both say GIRL
Craving salty everything and dont mind meat(what is that supposed to mean?)
Hands have been dry(what does that mean?)
BB's definitely growing but not too sore.
Much more nauseaus than I was with my boys, not puking but with the boys I only got dizzy and lightheaded. I think that is starting to lessen thankfully!
I am absolutely EXAUSTED! I may have just forgotten from prev pregnancies but this seems much more extreme this time(of course I am chasing 2 wild toddler boys too!).
Cant tell ya about HRs
Not sure about baby sex dreams but all pregnancies have given me intense prolific wild dreams!
So...you tell me! I am dying to know!

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Yep you definately have a way better memory than I do too lol
With DD1 I had no nausea or sickness at all a little tiredness but not much, ate everything red, strawberries, watermelon, red pasta sauce etc etc. Hardly any movement, and 2wacky dreams where I was evacuating Upstate NY from terrorists lol
DD2 again no Nausea at all one weekend of vomiting but am pretty sure it was a 24hr bug. Not much tiredness either. No cravings, apart from one night we went out to eat and I had cherry pie which is so not me and really enjoyed it, never had it since. Lots of movement no weird dreams.
This time bad nausea for a month but no sickness. No cravings just want to eat all the time. Extreme exhaustion, like I have never had in my life, and with weird breathing issues too this pg is so different to before. Makes me think it might be a boy.

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LOL, well, all of my pregnancies have been somewhat different as far as cravings and levels or morning sickness, etc. AND... I have 4 girls!!! Smile

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Oh I don't have a good memory I had a file on my computer - why I had saved it not sure? And I have no idea what any of it means. Just interesting comparing the pregnancies I thought this one was so different but I guess it's not really. I think the dry hands meant boy - that's the only one I remember.

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WOW, from that link I am so half and half!! I know all preg are different, but this one is totally different from DS's. I really thought I was destined for boys, but part of me is thinking this LO is a girl. Either way is fine, just want a healthy little baby!