OMG he thinks he's superman!

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OMG he thinks he's superman!

So Kessler has been strong since birth and so was DD. He enjoyed a nice long tummy time yesterday afternoon. (pic on facebook!/media/set/?set=a.2261311942254.2130338.1532113799&type=1)

I was showing DH last night how good he was pushing up and BAM! He rolled over belly to back. I though maybe it was a fluke and then he proceeded to do it 2 more times. I thought DD was impressive. She rolled over at 6 1/2 - 7 weeks, but he beat her at 5 1/2 weeks. Geez. He doesn't really have to grow up THAT fast! I'm proud of him, but is it silly that I'm a little sad? I never really did have a floppy newborn with either child, but I guess that's a good thing.

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It's so much fun to see them do new stuff though!! Smile I've had 3 floppy newborns, and 2 super strong ones. Aidan has been quite the floppy little man. He's had no desire to even try and figure out what his legs are for up until just a few days ago... he "kind of" made an attempt to put a bit of weight on them! LOL. Anyway, Aidan is probably my last baby, and he is growing up WAY too fast for me!!

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It is so much fun to watch them figure out new things. Gillian has flipped herself over by accident a few times, but is greatat rolling to her side. I'm just looking forward to her being a bit more durable and able to handle her sister.

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Yay for rolliing. CJ started rolling tummy o back this week as well. Brandon was a preemie so he hit all of his milestones right on target or a little late, but CJ seems in a hurry to grow up, sniff sniff...

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Conor went tummy to back last week and today he's smiling at me!! It's just so fast this time around!

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Alli smiles at us ALL THE TIME....and has started "talking" to me.....she hasn't rolled yet BUT I very seldom put her on her tummy on the floor. I'm afraid one of the big kids are gonna step on her. I dont even mean my 4 yr old I mean the BIG She does hold her head up when I put her on my shoulder or when I sit her on my lap I dont even hold her head anymore. My cousin is bringing me the bumbo on Thanksgiving and I can;t wait to put her in it.

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Yay Kessler! Such a big boy :). My kids actually rolled over the exact ages yours did lol. My first rolled right at 7 weeks and my second rolled right at 5 weeks. We'll see when Caleb does it but it wont be long now. It makes me sad though I swear my kids are basically mobile right out of the womb! I wish they stayed babies a bit longer!

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These babies definitely need to stop growing up. LOL! Sophia hasn't rolled over yet, but she definitely is trying to sit up when I have her in the boppie. Doctor said she's as strong as a 4 month old. DS was a floppy newborn and did everything a little later than most babies. Then again he was a Preemie so it was expected.

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