OT ~ Need to vent about my SIL's birth story

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OT ~ Need to vent about my SIL's birth story

My SIL had her 2nd LO last Thurs via Csect at 37 weeks. She has Type 2 diabetes. She had an amnio at 36 weeks (they were going to do the Csect that day) but it showed that the lungs weren't developed. The dr didn't retest the lungs they just went ahead with the Csect. Everything was fine for the first hour and then they said he was struggling more than they would like to breath. They said it was from the amniotic fluid still in his lungs from the Csect and that he needed to cough it up. Not long after that, they had him on oxygen and started him on antibiotics to prevent infection from developing in the fluid in the lungs. They finally ended up transferring him (the next day) to another hospital with a NICU (about 20 min away).

After being evaluated at the NICU, his left lung had fluid in it and his right lung was not fully developed. They ended up putting him on a ventilator and gave meds to help develop the lung.

I went to see him Sun and his color looks wonderful. He's doing well considering everything. His mom is hopeful that he will be off the ventilator soon (they have been slowly weaning him off). He was born 7 lbs 15 oz but has lost about a 1 lb since birth.

His mom only got to hold him maybe 5 min so far. She checked herself out of the hospital early to be with him. She had her Csect Thurs afternoon and checked out Fri evening.

I'm just so aggravated because I don't think the dr was as on top of the situation as he should've been. After all this, they think they may have gotten her due date wrong (there was some question about this in the beginning). I just feel like some or all of this could have been avoided. I haven't said anything to my SIL and I won't. I'm just so aggravated. I hope it was ok to vent about this here.

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I wouldn't think her due date was wrong if she had an 8lb baby at 37 weeks. I had twins born at 37 weeks via csection and they were both over 7 1/2 lbs and had no breathing issues whatsoever (no oxygen either). However women with diabetes tend to have heavier babies. Every baby is different and no baby really should be delivered before 39 weeks as they say as not only are the lungs not fully developed but the brain is still doing crucial forming in the last few weeks up to 40 weeks. However, doctors tend to weigh what it's the best interest for either the baby or the mother. In this situation with your sister having diabetes there was maybe some concern towards her health versus the baby. I don't know as I don't know the whole situation... either way there is nothing you can do about it now but be there for you sister and hope baby gets better and comes home soon Smile The second leading cause of death in newborn babies is actually prematurity.

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What was the reason for wanting to deliver baby so early via C-section?

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"sweetusagi" wrote:

What was the reason for wanting to deliver baby so early via C-section?

I wish I could give you a specific answer. She wasn't having any major complications at the end other than she is diabetic. She was a repeat Csect but that is usually done at 39 weeks. She had her first son at 37 weeks via Csect. He was a small 7 lbs at the time and was born healthy. Her diabetes have been more of an issue during this PG. I was never given a good reason of why they delivered early the first time. She's with a different doctor this time and she wasn't with a high risk dr. She was actually with a young OB this time (meaning less experienced). She has a hard time understanding medical stuff and tends to worry a bit more than the average person. Of course, this time there is plenty to worry about... average or not.

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I can understand your frustration. It sounds like maybe the doctor had to deliver the baby early bc of her diabetes. You can never predict how it will turn out. 37 weeks is considered full term so that is probably why he never checked the baby's lungs. The baby sounds like he is having issues bc of the c-section. That is why I am so scared of C-sections because a lot of babies do end up having issues with their lungs. DS was born at 34 weeks and they didn't check his lungs either, but then again he was coming regardless I wanted him to or not. This will be a very tough time for your SIL so you are right in not venting your frustration to her. The toughest thing is having to see your baby hooked up to machines and having to leave him in the hospital while you are sent home. I will never forget that feeling. Just be there for her and and congrats on your new nephew! Smile

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See I have a hard time with doctors and hospitals because I feel they worry more about lawsuits sometimes than the best care for patients. It's hard to say here. There may have been a legit reason the baby needed to be delivered early or the doctor may have been worried that the diabetes would cause complications if the pregnancy went to 40 weeks, so scheduled a C-section to avoid that. I believe that a C-section should be kept for when mom or baby is in dire distress and vaginal delivery would threaten either life. But that's just me. A lot of people don't take C-sections to be a big deal. But it sounds like in this case, the baby is having problems Sad Hope he gets better fast!

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What a sad situation. I hope the little guy is doing better and your SIL is getting to spend some time with him.

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"4sweet" wrote:

What a sad situation. I hope the little guy is doing better and your SIL is getting to spend some time with him.

It has been a rough situation. She spends all day with him at the hospital but can't hold him, touch him or talk to him. He can't be stimulated because they need him to be still because of all the tubes. I can't even imagine not holding my LO. I didn't even want my LO out of my sight when I had my DD. She's been doing really well with it though.

SOME GOOD NEWS: He was taken off the ventilator today. He's still on oxygen but making progress. We are all super thankful for progress!

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Wow how awful! Of course, all babies are different, I guess his little lungs just didn't mature as quickly as most do. I really hope they had a good reason to deliver him so early rather than just because he was term and she had diabetes. I hope you can get more information as things calm down for your family. I always cringe when I hear women getting induced or having a C/S early without medical reason. He'll be in my prayers and thoughts, glad he's off the vent.

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The lung issue I would think is a combination of being a 'younger' baby (i.e. born earlier than full term) and the fact that he was sectioned and not birthed vaginally. When you have a baby vaginally the back and forth motion that the babies do that is SOOOO frustrating for moms because one second they're RIIIIGHT there and the next they're back up... that motion actually helps to massage some of that crud out of their lungs so they don't have fluid build up after they're born. That's actually more likely in ANY c-section, not just in this particular case or when babies are taken early.

Also, the 8 lb newborn thing... babies born to moms with gestational diabetes (and I'd assume regular diabetes) are well known to be large babies. There was a lady who had a baby a few months before my daughter was due who had a 13 pound baby at 39 weeks because of GD. So you can't really use size to determine what the due date was :/

I would hope that, although you can't necessarily see the reasoning of taking the baby a little early, I would hope that the doctor did a thorough risk analysis on sectioning her now vs doing it later and the pros of doing it early outweighed waiting.

Either way, I'm sorry he's having some issues and I hope that he can get strong and go home very quickly!!

I do agree that sometimes doctors do stuff to cover their own butts sometimes, but I guess I'd just hope that a majority of them do what's best for their patient. But that might just be me being all sunshine and roses lol

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Oh yikes that's scary. What's done is done now now you just have to hope and pray for the best for the baby and Mom. It's amazing how great babies do who are born under such worse circumstances. It sounds like that baby has a mom and an aunt who love it very much and that's what matters most!