Owen's Birth Story

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Owen's Birth Story

First of all, sorry it has been so long since I have been on. My laptop crashed and had to be sent back to HP for the second time in three months. Congrats to all the new moms!

Wednesday October 5th started out as a normal day. I took my oldest to school and my youngest to daycare. Came home and decided that their room needed cleaned. I was tired of looking at the dirty room everyday. I sat down on their floor and started going through their clothes and putting summer clothes in tubs to store. I stood up and my undies were soaked. I went in and changed but had no more leaking. This was about 12:15. At 1:15 I started having contractions one on top of another. They were about 1-1 1/2 minutes apart. I took a warm bath but that made the contractions worse. By 2:00 I was not able to do anything but breath through the contractions. I called the doctor and they said to go in. I called my husband and asked that he come home to take me. By time he got home I was even more uncomfortable and having severe pressure when I stood up. We arrived at the hospital about 2:15. Contractions still on top of each other, very strong and lasting about a minute each. Nurse checked me and I was at a three. She immediately started an IV hoping the fluids would help space the contractions out. By 4:10 I was ready for my epideral. Contractions had not spaced out and were getting stronger. The epidural was more painful than I remember with my other two. Dr came in about 5:00 and broke my water. At that time I was at 5. Baby was still high. At about 6:30 my contractions had finally spaced out and I was not progressing. Dr ordered pitocin. First few doses did not change contractions after the third increase I could start feeling the contractions. Unfortunately, I had hot spots with my epidural and was able to feel all contractions. About 11:20 I started feeling a ton of pressure. Nurse checked me again and I was at a 7-8. She left the room and called the doctor. She came back in about 11:35 at that time the pressure was really bad. She checked me and said that I was complete but baby was still high. She did not want me to push though because she said that my body knew what to do and it would not take much. At this time I was waiting on the doctor to come in. It felt like it took her forever to get there. She walked in just a few minutes before midnight and just a few minutes after midnight I was in position to push. The first two contractions I had a bit of trouble. I was wore out and the pressure was awful. I was able to push through the third contractions and during the fourth Owen was born. My husband said we went from no baby to having a baby.

Owen was 6 pounds 15 ozs and was 19.5 inches long. Apgars was 8 and 9. We were discharged from the hospital on Friday 10/7 about noon. Owen was discharged at a weight of 6lbs 8 ozs.

Owen had a follow up appointment with the peditrician on Monday. He weighed 6lbs 12ozs. At this appointment they said he looked a little jaundice. His levels were at 15.8 so we had to go back in on Tuesday for another level. This time his levels were at 15.2 so they said he did not need to come back in.

He is doing great. Sleeping about 4-5 hours and only up once a night to eat. I am solely pumping but am getting enough milk now that he is only getting breast milk. It is crazy at times with the three kids now but I would not change it for the world.

I have attached the facebook link to see his photos. Hopefully, I did it correclty. I was having trouble getting pictures to load. I have more to upload from my camera but can't seem to find the cord to download the pictures on my computer. There is only pics of my oldest daughter at this time with Owen but my youngest is doing great with him as well. Both girls are so in love!


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Owen is precious, thanks for sharing! Smile

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Thanks for sharing you birth story. I too am only pumping but I'm really struggling to get enough pumping sessions. It's really hard, especially when you have more than one.

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He is adorable! TFS your birth story!

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Congrats! Sorry you had hot spots in your epidural. Sucks to go through the pain of getting one and it not work all the way. Sounds like you did great though and Owen is a little doll! Congrats again!

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Congratulations again! Welcome, Owen!

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Congrats on your little boy! He is so cute! Tfs!

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"nori_garsi" wrote:

Thanks for sharing you birth story. I too am only pumping but I'm really struggling to get enough pumping sessions. It's really hard, especially when you have more than one.

It can definitely been tough. I have done this with all three of my little ones. This time I around I bought the Medela Easy Expressions hand free bra. It is great and I am able to do some multi-tasking while pumping. I have been trying to get in a session every 2-3 hours but usually go 4 hours max.

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