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Pain! : /

I'm experiencing what my doctor calls ligament pain. Although this is my third pregnancy and it doesnt feel like ligament pain to me.... I have a knot in my upper belly (top) on the right side and it's like a stabbing pain. It hurts when I move a certain direction and it hurts if I bend into it. Very uncomfortable! I'm wondering if I should just accept what the doctor said and call it ligament pain or look deeper into it. I know ever pregnancy can be different but this hurts and I don't like it! Plus I'm flying from California to Maryland this coming Tuesday and will be gone till Saturday and im scarred to be that far and something happen... What do y'all think? Anyone experienced this?

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I didnt think rlp was on the top of your belly, I only get it in my hip/groin/ovary area. With that being said, all your organs and muscles are being smuched and pushed around, and if you can breath through the pain and it isnt causing a huge disturbance in your day to day life, then I would just try and take it wasy, have a hot bath, and let your body work it out.

There is nothing fun about ligament pain, it sucks, and hopefully it will go away soon. Sad

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I get some pain on top when I'm pushing too hard. Hopefully it goes away for you soon!

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I hope you start feeling better soon! I think I remember a pic of what a round ligament actually is and I think it starts high up on your uterus and then crisscrosses down low with the other side, ending low where you usually feel the pain.