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I am not sure we have had this chat yet.

My DH and I have two wonderful rescue dogs. We are huge animal people and love having animals. I think both of my dogs have finally figured out I am pregnant. The smaller dog who is also blind Stevie has been super lovey towards me. He has been a bit more protective as well. However, my big boy Ralph has wanted nothing to do with me for almost 2 and 1/2 weeks. It is making me so sad. He has always adored my husband and I was a cool second which I was okay with. Now he will walk around me so he does not have to get near me. Every now and then he will forget that he does not want to be near me and give me some love.

I am sure they will be wonderful big brothers once the baby gets here.

Have any of you dealt with this before with your pets? It is the weirdest thing.

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I don't have dogs but I do have three cats and they have been no more or less loving than usual. They are maybe a bit more restless and whiny but likely that is because I have had no energy and kind of just lay around like a lump.

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When I am pregnant our dog follows me around more than usual. To the point of always running into her and she is always getting in my way. She has been this way with all 3 pregnancies.

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My dog and cat are up my butt constantly! I can't go to the bathroom with out them breaking in! My dog was an 8wo puppy when I end up getting pregnant w/DS, puppies sleep and so do preg woman, so we snuggled together all the time. I've heard of pets doing what your dog is doing, but I don't know of anyone with that kind of experience. I'm sure he'll turn around.

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My Protector

My dog has seemed a lot more worried about me and more protective around me then usual. I adopted him a year before I met my husband so he's understandably more close to me than he is to DH. I joke around and tell people that the husband hasn't experienced sympathy symptoms but the dog has. When I was at the height of my morning sickness, the dog didn't eat for the entire week. And he's a chunky 80 lb lab mix so that is saying something. LOL. That being said, I'm sure your bigger dog isn't resentful of you being pregnant. He probably just does not know how to make sense of the new pregnancy enhanced scents that you are probably giving off. It probably scares him a little bit because it is strange and new. I'd just continue to give him some time. He'll grow accustomed to it.

PS: Hooray for rescue dogs!!!

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My dogs didn't act that different when I was pregnant, but they are WILD jumpy excitable dogs and as SOON as we walked in the door with Savannah they both calmed down and literally tip toed around the house until she was old enough to crawl around and pull herself up on them lol

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My cats (both VERY aloof) become very lovely and want to BE on me when I'm pregnant. Same for both pregnancies!

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We have no pets now. But when I was pg with my first DD we got a boxer puppy. Whom had been kept in his crate all day everyday other then being let out to go pee. So he was major hyper. One boxers are hyper dogs anyway two he was a puppy and three being kept locked up he went nuts when let out. He was a major jumper too, jumped up everyone. Except me he never ever jumped up on me. When we brought DD home he never ever jumped on her either. However if a friend came over with a child of a similar age he jumped up them like crazy. Only thing I could put it down to was he could tell I was pg.
I know this was not totally related to what you asked but I found it interesting lol We also had two cats at the time they acted no differently towards me at all.

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My kids each have an 8 month old kitten. They don't seem to be any different toward me now.

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I have two dogs, one black lab and one red bone, neither of which seemed to have noticed anything different. I'm very curious to see how my red bone reacts to the baby when I bring him/her home. so far when she's around small babies or toddlers she has been very protective, even toward my husband who is her fav out of the two of us. She is ok with him holding them but he has to move slowly. My friends child fell the other day and he jumped to grab her and she didn't like that. She's never seen to have a problem with me around the children.