Pics from 3D/4D ultrasound today!

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Pics from 3D/4D ultrasound today!

My ultrasound was so much fun and they confirmed that Sophia is now officially head down. I was so worried she was still going to be breech! She was a bit stubborn and was curled up in a ball with her knee right by her face and refused to move it, but we were able to get some great pics. We saw her sucking her thumb and she even smiled when daddy started talking to her. It was so sweet! We got a 30 minute DVD of our whole u/s and a CD with 101 pics on it all for $149! These are just a few of my favorites!

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Gorgeous! How exciting to -really- see her!

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Aw she's gorgeous! I love the last one, hand in the mouth and the other across her head.

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She is gorgeous!

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Looks like she already has some chubby cheeks! adorable! Can't wait to get mine done in a couple of weeks!

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Omg so cute~!!!!

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what a cutie!!! i can't wait for mine. It's not til August 4th though...

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I think she looks just like me! LOL! She does have some chubby cheeks already though!

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She is pretty already! I think I would be watching that video over and over and over! How cool!

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So cute !!

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