Pics of Aidan!

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Pics of Aidan!

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Oh my goodness... What a beautiful family you have! He is absolutely precious! Hope baby & momma are doing well. TFS!

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Beautiful! I thought my lil guy way going to have it rough with two older sisters but yours has four! Very cute!

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Such wonderful pictures, congrats!!!!

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He's so gorgeous! I love all of your pics, but the one with the whole family should be framed. Congrats!

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Oh my! Look how tiny and precious! He's going to be well protected with those big sisters to look after him! So glad to see pics. You look great as well!

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He is adorable and your whole family looks so excited!! I love his "new in town" onesie! Smile

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He is adorable! You have a beautiful family

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What a little love! He's so sweet...TFS.

You're girls are too lovely!

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The pictures are wonderful! Aiden is a sweetie. I love the town sign. Congratulations!

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Awwww look how happy your girls are! He's such a tiny handsome little boy!!

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Oh he's so cute and tiny. Your girls look really happy, too. Beautiful family!

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He is super handsome, and your girls look so happy! TFS!

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Wow, you have some seriously beautiful children! You are very very blessed!

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You have a beautiful family! He is adorable.

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so teeny and beautiful!!! what a lovely family, congrats Laurie!!!

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So adorable! I love the 'new in town' onesie too!

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He's precious thanks for sharing!! :):)

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You have such beautiful children! Aiden is such a luck guy to have so many loving big sisters :). It's obvious they adore him! TFS!