pics of Allis blanket

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pics of Allis blanket

Here are a couple pics of the blanket I made her. I LOVE the No Sew blankets and made all my other kids one a couple yrs ago...

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That looks great!

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Gorgeous! Nice work! I can sew, but I have no idea how to make those!

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That is so cute! My stepdaughter learned how to make those no sew blankets last year and that is what we all got for Christmas. They are super cozy! Smile

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I love the print. I'm the same as Lisa. I can sew so I've never made one of those, but they are soft and awesome to have around. In fact our friends 18 year old son made one for Kessler in his home ec class. I thought it was cute that an 18 year old guy made a baby blanket, but it did have a sports theme. Looking at yours is making me want to learn and do one for Abby.

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So cute! ILove the fabric you chose. I had never made one since I sew and knit, but a while back I had extra Chargers print fleece from another project so I made a tiny carseat blankie for Caleb's carseat :). They're so soft and comfy!