Pity Party!

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Pity Party!

Anyone care to join me? Please jump right in!

This whole pre-labor thing has really kicked into high gear for me the past 3 or 4 days. All the tummy troubles a mama could ask for, a pelvis that feels like it's splitting in half, losing big ugly chunks of my plug, contractions that are now constant and getting more and more painful and the latest menstrual type cramps in the front and back :(. UGH! They are seriously bothering me now! But the absolute worst part is that for me I know this could mean nothing(hoping it does though!). I could still go another 3 or 4 weeks like this. All this probably isnt even changing my cervix. It makes me feel bad for my family, this can't be fun for them. Ah the joys of late pregnancy eh? Smile

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I'd like to join. Everything you've written above could have been written by me except add in a trip to L&D! I hope we both go soon and don't have to wait.

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:bigarmhug: Mentally, I can't afford to let myself have a pitty party yet. I need every hour of the 3...well less than 3 weeks I have left. Hope you guys get some relief soon! You're so close!!!!

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Y'all are going to kill me....

I'm actually feeling a little bit better lately! Not perfect. My hips hurt still and it's hard for me to get in and out of bed and you can forget me moving much faster than a snail's pace, but overall, considering I'm due tomorrow, I'm feeling pretty alright! Heading shopping today and thinking about driving out to Land Between the Lakes (big nature preserve area about 45 minutes away) this weekend if I'm not showing any signs of going into labor. I figure I might as well 'enjoy' every minute I can of having only one child lol (if I don't do major damage to said child before Owen is born... she will NOT leave our poor dogs alone lately and it's driving me and then crazy!)

I dunno, I just don't feel 40 weeks pregnant this go around. With DD I remember being absolutely miserable at this point. Like, 'Don't look at Becca, she'll kill you' type miserable. I think it's because I've gained considerably less weight this go around (still a few pounds over my top goal, but waaaaaaay less than the 50+ I gained with DD) and I think Owen might be a bit smaller than DD because with DD I always measured a week or two ahead of what I was, with Owen I'm measuring a week behind.

Hopefully you ladies will get some relief soon!! I absolutely know how you feel and it is NOT fun.

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I can pity party with the first posters! Plug finally fell out Friday night, so I'm getting hopeful. I have cervix head-butting sessions every night for usually 2-6 hours. They are extremely painful and I'm hoping they're helping the dilating process. They aren't something I can sleep through, then she is moving around like crazy and there just isn't enough room for that! So I think I'd sleep better if she was here. An hour or 2 beats my 0 hours... plus I won't have to go to work in the morning! Back hurts, feet are swelling again, and I feel like a whale. I won't get us started on the clothing rant again. I've had menstrual cramping for several days and she must be getting her head really low because it's becoming very difficult to walk and get out of bed. On a plus note, I go to the Dr. today and they're doing a membrane sweep. Negative note, it might just be one more thing to get my hopes up!

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I'll join in but for different reasons. I wish I was having more labor signs, so far I haven't really had any. I am having a few contractions now and then but I don't really feel them, I only know I'm having them because of the NSTs. Other than that I have zero labor signs and no dilation.

He can't get any lower though...his head is way down there, I'm just not dilating. I could do without the head butts to my bladder and for the first time this pg I have horrendous heartburn and reflux (I have been on medication for that since pre-pg) I think because he's so big now.

And I'm so done with all the monitoring. My OB and hospital are an hour away and I've been going there twice a week since 32 weeks and now I have a weekly BPP at the hospital too. On Friday they added an additional u/s to check for weight so I had three appointments. I dropped my son off at school at 8:30 and after all my appointments (which were all spread out) I didn't get home until 6:00 that evening.

I can't wait for this little guy to make his appearance.

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Oh man, you guys sound even worse off than I am. I am just so anxious I am driving myself absolutely batty!!! I cant focus on anything else but baby coming soon! My DH was awesome helping with the boys this wknd. My sinus infection is better but I still have pain and an aweful headache as a result. I havent lost my plug yet but just keep expecting my water to break at any moment. This weekend Kai's head was grinding into me so bad I could hardly walk/sit/stand comfortably, only laying down gave me relief. I am just done done done!!! A week from tomorrow my OB has plans to break my water to induce labor and that just sounds soooo long from now! My OB wouldnt do an u/s at my last appt to determine size but I am so scared that he will be huge like DS2(10.2 pounds). He hadnt been moving as much for a few days but yesterday he acted like he was freaking out in there. It kind of scared me that he was in distress or something. I am just getting panicky the longer I am pg. I just want to be holding him in my arms and know he is healthy.

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Count me in the pity party too!!!! I'm 39 weeks and for me I am metally and physically way over due! I had my older two at 36 and 38 weeks. I am mentally exhausted with the faulse labor that I keep having, thinking maybe this is "it" and then everything stops! The constant all day contractions, excruciating back pain, pelvic pressure and discomfort is driving me crazy!!! This baby seems to have no plans to come out at all!!!! Im so anxious it's killing me, even my 3 year old is now saying, "mommy when is baby brother coming out?"

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I'm ok. Just the waiting game is messing with my head. With DS it was fine b/c I just KNEW he was going to be late. With these 2 everyone has said "Oh you'll probably go early...". Well I'm 36 w today & while I know that's not quite term I wouldn't consider it early. I really feel like they'll be here just around the 23rd. My DH says the 26th. I can see myself becoming grumpier as the days progress for sure. I'm prepared to go post dates BUT I'll probably lose my mind. I'm already measuring 47 weeks...I seriously can't imagine much more strain on my stomach skin.

Hmmm...I guess I'm not ok...just MENTAL!