Please Read RE: Iron/Anemia/Pregnancy

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Please Read RE: Iron/Anemia/Pregnancy

I just wanted to post this to all my pg friends in need of iron about FeraMax 150. I have always had to take iron supplements during pg as I get anemic. If you feel really tired, exhausted it's possible it's your iron levels so be sure to get them tested (it's usually tested with your glucose tolerance test). Our babies place huge demands on our blood so it's critical that we stay on top of it. Many people don't know this but it's hard to get the recommended iron everyday from food. When you are pregnant it's recommended you take 40-50mg to prevent anemia and post partum anemia. The problem is our bodies have a really hard time absorbing the right amount of iron even if you take 40-50mg a day. I also found that the regular iron supplements don't always give you the right dose but also give you an upset stomach and severe constipation! So I take FeraMax and it doesn't have any side effects and makes you feel so much better. It is expensive though, about $30 for 30 pills. Just wanted to pass this on to anyone that is struggling with anemia.

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It's also a good idea to take your iron pills with Vitamin C (orange juice). It will help with the absorption and get the most iron out of your pill.

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Since I had breathing issues early on (although ended up not being related to iron) I have been taking a iron supplement called Spatone. It is from Wales so you might not be able to get it in the US. But is awesome it is basically iron water from a natural spring. It is in liquid form in sachets you put into orange juice preferably. Absorption rates are higher, and as it is natural it has no nasty side effects that normal iron pills can have. Due to have my blood retested in 2 weeks but I have been taking it daily since I was about 10 weeks pregnant.

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I just had my one hour done and I'm wondering if I am a little anemic because I've been exhausted! I will definitely ask about those pills - sounds like they're worth the cost!

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I've also heard that calcium blocks the absorption of iron, so if you take a supplement make sure you do it at a different time than your calcium :).

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The brand Niferex is here in the states. It is iron combined with a sugar molecule to make it more easily digestible. I have been on it about 5 days and certainly seeing a big improvement in my energy. I was a total zombie before. But even though it isnt regular iron it is still giving me horrible bowel issues). If you have constipation issues at all dont even try OTC iron, you will regret it. Your OB shouldnt have a problem giving you a subscription.