Post your coming home outfit!

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Post your coming home outfit!

I thought it would be fun if we all posted a picture of baby's coming home outfit!

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I'll have to get the camera out and take pics Smile I haven't decided for sure what he'll wear but it'll probably be a pair of pajamas. I'm all about comfort and ease of getting clothes off and on this early lol

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I've already posted mine before, but that was a while ago. Wish I could get a better picture, but it's already packed away in her hospital bag.

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I still haven't really found anything. I'm trying to find a cute Alabama outfit to take him home in. It's driving me just a bit crazy. Wink
I've already found a gown for him to wear in the hospital, and I'm making a hat.

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I don't think I will have one this time. I had such a cute little outfit for DS to go home in and it was way to big and I forgot to take a picture of it when we were going home, and he was covered up by a blanket anyways. I did pack this one a few sleepers but nothing special. Doctor said this one is probably going to be tiny too so whatever fits!

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This. I'm not too fussed about it. Probably a gown with pair of leggings underneath for the carseat. We have purchased very few clothes for these babes. Just a few extras like we only had one gown so I bought 4 more. A few teeny pants since Finn's legs were so skinny jis pants never fit him & Gramma knit one sweater to go along with Finn's old sweater. It's honestly the best item I had when I had Finn. Little hooded sweater so you don't need to worry about those tiny slippery little hats that don't stay anyways.

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Here's Ethan's Coming Home Outfit... nothing special... just a cute, comfy outfit...

A friend is knitting him a hat so I will have that too (if it's done in time).

Here's Addison's Big Sister Outfit for the Hospital...

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Hoping to not need any coming home outfits lol Which is a good thing as I have no newborn clothes yet. If he doesnt leave the house he can go naked for a few days right lol

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Whoa you gals are organized! I'll probably just bring a couple things to the hospital and see what one I like best at that moment.

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"scotty620" wrote:

Whoa you gals are organized! I'll probably just bring a couple things to the hospital and see what one I like best at that moment.

That's pretty much what I did with DD. Took a bunch of pajamas and whatever she was wearing when they discharged us was her homecoming outfit.

I got so far as taking all of O's clothes out of the closet last night, but I haven't gone through them yet to decide what's going to the hospital. Maybe today. DD has daycare for 2 hours this morning so I'll have a few spare seconds to look and actually THINK about it.

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With DS, I brought a couple different outfits...he didn't fit in ANY of them! They were all too big. My mom had to get preemie PJ's for him!
I think this is what we'll probably go with...there's a little sweater that goes with it too!

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I think he's going to come home in this...

Wow I wish I got it off that website instead of BRU, I paid twice that!

I like that it's comfy and it has long or short sleeves, depending on how the weather is :). But if he's big he'll probably just come home in a sleeper. DD really had to be squeezed into NB clothes at 8-13 and 21 inches. Luckily most of her NB clothes were dresses since she was born in August so it wasn't really too bad.