POTW Nov 7-13

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POTW Nov 7-13

Nothing says newborn like a sleepy baby picture! Let's see those little angels sound asleep!

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Kessler Jay on Saturday

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Conor last Friday Smile

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Owen, with Daddy and Savannah on Saturday

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Taken today...first nap in her crib!

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Love them all! Makes you want to pick them up and squeeze them. Let's see some more!

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Passed out milk drunk Smile

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aww.. we have some very cute sleeping babies!!!

I just realized I don't have a recent sleeping pic. He is awake in all of them. He tends to wake up when I use the flash or makes an aweful face. I have a vert alert LO.

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Here's my little lovebug all sound asleepsleeping
and in his little pose while sleeping..
sleeping baby

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This is an old one...from when she was about a week old.