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PP appointment

It's funny how every doctor does things differently. I remember having a 6 week checkup with DD. They scheduled this for 3 weeks and just did weight and blood pressure and my dr. asked how everything was going with healing, any depression, BC, etc... I scheduled my appointment for an IUD in 3 weeks. I was kind of glad I didn't have to deal with an exam.
This trip was also attempted with DS and DD. They both did great. I had to get a few things from Wal-mart and brought a bottle of expressed BM. I couldn't get him to wake up to eat it. After running my errunds with the two kiddos it was getting way too late and he really needed to eat, but by now the bottle wasn't any good. I finally got him to wak up (he loves riding in his seat) and I just went for it. I pulled into the Walgreens parking lot in the farthest post I could. Abby watched a movie in the backseat and I breastfed him in the front seat.:bfing: I was proud of myself. It wasn't like it was in a major public space, but at least I know that I can do it. Yahoo

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I've already been to see my OB twice since Alli was born...lol. They scheduled my first appt for 3 weeks as well. Then I had to go back last week for my pre-op appt. I had my tubal today Wink

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LOL!! That was similar to my first NIP experience. We went out to eat, she got fussy, and I went out to the car and nursed her. A couple of weeks later I went to a bday party and nursed her in their living room. I was covered, but very proud of myself. Smile

Glad to hear your appt was uneventful.

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Yay for nip! It does get easier and more comfortable the more you do it.

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"wobbs" wrote:

Yay for nip! It does get easier and more comfortable the more you do it.

yup! and eventually youll be like me and walking around target with him attached Lol

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yay! It does get easier. Smile We were at the corn maze this weekend and I was wearing E and I walked away a bit, just pulled my boob out and latched him on..hah. Then I covered him with my K'tan. I was talking to my parents and DH and a few people that worked there. I said something to DH like "i'm pretty good at this"and he said "what?" and I pulled my wrap back and he said "hahaha I had no idea"

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It's obvious that DH is not comfortable with nip because he thinks I'm crazy that I nursed DD in front of his grandma the other day. You should have seen his face when he realized what I was doing. It was like this :eek: !!! LOL!

It just kind of becomes second nature. Didn't realize it would only take me 6 weeks to be that comfortable with it though.

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yeah i forced myself to nip this time. i wasn't comfy doing it with dd at all. this time i made my mind up to try it and went out w/o our one and only bottle. i've nursed in the truck more times than i can count, several restaurants, our back yard (neighbors can see into our yard), friends' houses, the docs office, in front of my parents... he's only had a bottle once so far Biggrin i LOVE my balboa baby cover! i have the balboa, bebe au lait and hooter hider. the balboa is my fav Dirol

good luck with the iud!

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Wow, great job NIP! I have no modesty around the house, but I will only NIP if I cover myself carefully. Good work!

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I thought about getting the IUD for now too, but I couldn't imagine getting it at my 6 week appt. Just be touch hurt so bad.

Yay for handling 2 LO's. I haven't done it yet, but I will have to take both of them out by myself this weekend. I also like to take a bottle of BM. Yesterday I was driving and he was hungry so I pulled the bottle out and was driving and feeding him in the back. Not sure how I pulled that one off but it's what a mother does to not here your LO scream their head off! LOL

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Lisa - I am the same way in my own house. I have NO modesty whatsoever. Even when my mom and dad were here right after Kessler's birth. I'd whip out the boobs with them sitting on the other couch.

Samantha - I would have thought the same thing after DD's birth, but I feel almost 100% already after Kessler's birth...I even would consider DTD!:eek: well that is if I weren't still bleeding some. If someone had told me before I gave birth that I'd feel this way, I would have laughed in their face! It's one of the reasons I want to get the IUD as soon as they'll let me. Trust me, it still sounds strange coming from my own mouth!

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Congrats on NIP! With DS1 I was super shy about nursing around anyone. I'd even bring a bottle of EBM to my parents house, but once I had my second I learned to do it! DS1 was still a baby when DD came so I had no time to pump and I couldn't leave him to drive people nuts retreating to another room to nurse. Now its second nature, but I am always 100% covered up so it's no big deal IMO. Like Annmarie said most of the time DH doesn't even know I'm doing it, especially when he's in the baby hawk.

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Yay for NIP!!! With both babies I had an appt. 2 weeks pp. in addition to the appt. at 6 weeks (haven't had my 6-week appt. yet this time).