PP Birth Control?

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PP Birth Control?

Is anyone else giving this some thought? DH and I aren't 100% sure that we'll be done, so I'm planning on getting the paraguard until we make up our minds. I am so happy to not deal with hormonal bc again.

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ughhhhhhh i hate thinking about it. I'll probably go on the mini pill for a while then switch back to ortho tri cyclen which is what I took before having children. I haven't been on birth control since Jan 2007 and not really looking forward to having to remember to take pills again. I used breastfeeding alone with the first two, but I really do NOT want another one super soon (if at all) so we have to take more precautions than we have been.

I never had problems with the pill so it's no big deal, it's more work to remember to take it/go get the prescription filled more than anything. But after researching a lot of the other options it's the best one for me I think.

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I was 100% done before this baby came along and I was at my OB consultation for a tubal when I found out I was pregnant instead.

So... I'm getting a tubal. Even though DH and I are divorcing and I may never be with anyone ever again... I am getting a tubal. I hate being pregnant.

(I still want more kids, but my goal was always to foster to adopt).

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I have been off BC pills for 5 years now. They really messed with me but due to endometriosis I continued to take them. When I turned 30, I just decided... No more. I will not go on anything again even though we are done with children now.

I'm pretty good now at knowing when I ovulate, etc. If we use anything, it will be condoms. That's what we've been using for 5 years now when it was needed.

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I will do the mini pill while BF'ing. After that I'll do probably ortho-tri cyclen. I'm super bad about remembering to take the pill tho :confused:

I have thought about trying the nuva ring but I'm not sure if I'd like that or not. I'd have to get a little more personal with myself than I'm comfy with lol

I had the Mirena before getting preggo this time and it implanted in my uterus and they had to yank it out. Almost had to put me under general anesthesia to get it out. I'm shocked they didn't rip a hole in my uterus when they ripped it out. OMG it was horrid. Plus I had nasty side effects on that that I had never had on the pill before. So yeah, no Mirena or paraguard for me lol

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We are totally done so going the snip-snip route I think!

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I've decided that DH is responsible. I'm not going on BCP's or anything hormonal. My hormones will have taken enough of a beating. He's on the hook for something now.

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I really don't want to go back on the pill! If we decide we want another child it will be sooner rather than later (a year or two). It took us so long to get preggo before I really haven't thought of what type of bc.

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We are wanting more children soon, so probably no BC for me. I will be exclusivly breastfeeding so my AF probably won't come back for awhile so it will give me time to recover before the next one. I was on nuva ring before which is the only one that I did okay on but I got pregnant from, so when we are done having kids, he will get snipped.

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I was done before I found out I was preggo this time...I already have my paperwork for my tubal signed and in my purse....so it'll be done before i am even released from the hospital.

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"OregonJewels" wrote:

We are totally done so going the snip-snip route I think!

Me too! Unless I end up in a C Section I'll get a tubal but otherwise DH is taking this one ...

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I have previously had Depo shots which I loved, then after my last DD I had the implant. Which again I loved. Not worrying about it initially will just condoms then figure it out when I am ready. I would still like 4 but DH says absolutely not, hoping I can convince him lol When we are done he will have the snip no question about it.

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First Thing I'll Do

The first thing I plan on doing after I give birth is turning to the nurse and saying "Where's my birth control pill?" LOL I take a low dose pill due to trying not to exacerbate extreme emotions coming from hormones. I'll be very happy to have my baby boy but I'm not going to be ready for any more for quite a few years (4 or 5).

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I've been on the pill since I was 14, then tried the patch for a year or so, then got back on the pill after DS, then the nuva ring, then an IUD. So I've tried pretty much everything and hated every single one of them. The easiest was the IUD, but I had terrible yeast infections while on it. I told DH that if he doesn't want anymore kids then he's getting snipped so I'm sure we will do that after the baby's born.

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We're not sure if we're done yet or not. We'll start with just condoms, then switch to the mini pill. Once I'm done breast feeding, I'll do some sort of pill. I'm not sure which yet.

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It makes me grumpy that WE are responsible for this for the most part. I mean, we have to grow a human, deliver said human either out of our vagina or have major abdominal surgery & then sustain said human from milk from our bodies. Isn't that enough???? GAWD!

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I have no idea! I looked at the brochure for Mirena at my OB appointment today, but I've heard both good and bad things about it. Condoms are really inconvenient, but I don't want to use pills and have it decrease my milk supply. I think I'll tell DH that it's up to him to decide. Smile

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"BabyBuff" wrote:

I have no idea! I looked at the brochure for Mirena at my OB appointment today, but I've heard both good and bad things about it. Condoms are really inconvenient, but I don't want to use pills and have it decrease my milk supply. I think I'll tell DH that it's up to him to decide. Smile

The Mirena is what I had and even though it hurt really bad with the insertion, it was the easiest bc I ever tried! I loved that I did not have a period until I had it removed, but my only complaint was the yeast infections and vaginal dryness (sorry, TMI)!

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I lost my left fallopian tube in 2005 from an ectopic so I plan on having the other one removed as well after this baby is born. I have to wait 2 months before I can have the tubal via laproscopy unless I have a csection. There's no way I'm having my DH have a vasectomy... I figure I have to go through all this I might as well do the birth control as well. I just don't want my man getting snipped... huge turn off for me!! Guess I'm the weird one here! Smile

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DH is getting snipped :). Although I'll ask them about a tubal only if I have to have a C/S. I can't use hormonal B/C, so we use VCF and throw in condoms when I'm O'ing (pull out when I'm not). It scares me how easily we get pregnant, so I definitely want something better than what we we're doing!