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If I take them, I have to skip a meal bc Im nauseous. If I skip them, I can eat almost any and everything. I know that its bad but I havent been taking them for the last couple of days and I have been feeling like a new person!

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I take mine at bedtime so I have no idea how they make me feel. I know that some doctors suggest taking 2 Flintstone vitmamins instead of the prenatals.

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I take mine at bedtime too and never have a problem with them. Of course some people just react differently so that may not help you at all, but worth a try.

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Bedtime worked out really well for me but I wake twice to pee and once to eat lol. I guess thats better than not taking them at all!

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I'm a wimp and can't swallow those gigantic pills, so I take 2 Flinstones and a folic acid!

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I take mine at night with a glass of milk and it seems to do the trick.

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I also take my prenatals at bedtime, but I usually have to wake up to pee because of it, too!

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I take mine after I eat and it works much better than on an empty stomach.

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I was doing good at taking them at night, but the last week I haven't taken any. The thought of those ginormous things makes me gag. I may have to start eating DD's gummy flinstones! I may try again tonight since I seem to be coming out of my wierd evening sickness.

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I've been taking mine mid-morning, and they haven't been bothering me at all.

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I am soooo bad about remembering to take my prenatals. I take them at bedtime and I'm usually so sleepy by the time I go to bed I'm lucky if I can make it up the stairs and into the bed, much less remember to take a bottle of water with me, find the pills, and take one.

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(((Lurker from Nov 2011)))

My prenatals made me sick too. I've been taking two Flintstone Complete chewables at night and feel 100% better. Biggrin

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I just take them right before bed and I can usually keep them down. I have been on them since I got pg with DS though, since I've been pg or BFing ever since. So it's like second nature to me now.