Proud mom!

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Proud mom!

Robbie's report card is super! He received a sticker saying "Impressive" on the last page!! The only thing we question is under English Language Arts - his effort is Excellent (of course), he is reading above grade level (by several grades - about grade 3/4) and his teacher says he needs to participate more in the home reading program!?! We do 30 minutes of reading before bed, plus he does other reading at home?????? Oh well, he is doing awesome in everything - even improving in phys ed where he is hampered by two non-athletic parents!

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Wow, wonderful! WTG, Robbie!

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Excellent job Robbie!

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Nice work Robbie! You have a smart guy on your hands!

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"K_Lo" wrote:

You have a smart guy on your hands!

Too smart! He is really far ahead in just about everything academically, still is adjusting socially to school though.

He had his well child check up today as well. 46" tall and 44 lbs - gained 2 lbs in the last year. He is healthy and growing normally.

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Congratulations! Those are my favorite report cards to send home. I know you are proud!

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That's awesome, go Robbie!!!