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I've noticed several boards doing this... thought we could give it a try.

Are you taking a vacation this year? Where are you going? Favorite vacation spots with & without kids?

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We leave for vacation Sat for a week. DH's parents rent a house on a lake so they can fish, etc. This year we have a pool too.

I would love to go to the beach too but it won't happen this year. DH needs to save the rest of his vacation days.

We've never really properly vacationed with DD. Our fav spot to go as adults is Sandals in Jamaica... love it!!!

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"abh413" wrote:

Our fav spot to go as adults is Sandals in Jamaica... love it!!!

DH and I went there in 2009...the Ocho Rios Sandals Resort...it was a fabulous time! My favorite part was the Bob Marley Cruise to Dunn's River Falls...it was soo much fun!

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No vacation for us this year. Our big "vacation" last year was when we road tripped (moved) from MI to NM!! Smile I will probably take the kiddos and drive up to see my mom in MN at the end of next summer. I can stop on the way in CO and see one Aunt, and in Iowa, and see another. Hubby probably won't be able to get the time off work though, but maybe he can just fly out for a few days when we finally make it to my mom's house. Favorite vacation spot??? Hummmm, hard to say. There are plenty of great places to visit! I just like vacations to be relaxing without too much of a set agenda, so anything that fits that description. Smile

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we have never gone anywhere without kids. we plan on going to florida since thats where my family is, we try to go once a year. we drive down, a 24 hour drive. we should be gone mid august, dh has 2 weeks off but a week of that time he has to spend doing other stuff.

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I guess we're super boring, but we never really do vacations! But we're already in San Diego, there's tons of fun stuff around here like Sea World, Lego Land, Zoo etc. And I'm way too crazy to go anywhere without the kids :p.

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We went to St. Augustine Fl at the beginning of May. It was really nice to get away a few days. We go to the beach sometimes on Saturdays, and we're trying to plan a weekend to stay there sometime this summer. Plus we visit MIL/SIL/my brother when we can on the weekends.
Unfortunately my DH had to take most of his sick time in Feb when he was out with a skin infection and had to be hospitalized. He was out 2 weeks total and he's taken a few hours here and there to be at my ultrasounds with me. So he should have 2 sick days left to take when the baby comes. So we won't be taking any more vacation so he can get hopefully a week and a half off total come October.

We've never been anywhere without kids either, I can't imagine how crazy I'd be. Wink We don't usually do vacations so we don't really have a "favorite" place either. :)Anywhere I'm not at home is good though.

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2 week trip to Savannah, Ga. It's where I grew up and haven't been back in over a year. Flying with DD. DH doesn't have the time off for that and we'll need time off for the baby in October. Should be fun though. Will go to the beach, eat some local food and my favorite places and see my family....the only bummer is I also have to juggle the in-laws b/c DH is from the area as well.
I don't go anywhere w/out Abby and we had her just before our 1 year anniversary, so I can't say we really vacationed much before having her. LOL. Anywhere on the water is fine with me...river, lake or ocean and I'm happy.

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Vacation???? Whats that??? Smile anyhow we are planning on going down to Corpus for a few days in Aug otherwise *I* cant afford to take any days off before this baby gets here.
Obviously I NEVER go on vacation without kids. BUT our fav place as a family is Disney World......and yep Ive done it with all 5 kiddos myself and may again next Spring Break....

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We are going on vacation this year to the beach! My parents rented an ocean front house, and it's going to be great. It'll be the third time we've taken DD to the same beach. She loves it there!

Our favorite vacation we've taken was on the Disney Cruise! It was awesome as just adults, and in a few years, we look forward to hopefully trying it with the kids Smile

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We've got a week off in July. We'll rent a cabin for a few days & maybe go to one of the smaller islands here for a few days. We may even camp a few days b/c who knows when the next time we'll get to.

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We're going out to Ontario the first week of August to spend some time with my inlaws. It's my FIL 65 bday that week, and his present is time with his kids and grandkids at his place. As for favorite vacation, we like to go on a road trip through montana and idaho, although we haven't done it since our honeymoon.

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We are going to Vegas for a week leaving next friday! So excited!!!
We are leaving DS with the sitter for our last vacation without any kids!
We plan on staying downtown for a couple nights and then on the strip the rest of the time. I can't wait to sit in the pool and see some shows. DF got me first class airfare because he knew it would be uncomfortable to fly and best of all, the last night we are there we are seeing Celine Dion and we have 7th row! Should be a good time!