Question about carriers, slings, rebozos and 12 month olds

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Question about carriers, slings, rebozos and 12 month olds

David is now one year old. He's up to 20.5 lbs, and he is standing and walking with assistance. But he still likes to be held by his mom, and he gets a little frustrated if he's stuck in the stroller where he can't see his surroundings very well. But he can get HEAVY. We have a bjorn, but it is uncomfortable to wear him in it especially when we are walking around a lot. Can you suggest any different, more comfortable carriers that will allow me to move around with him hands free? Thanks!

Also, I tried to do the Moby wrap, but I just can't figure the damn thing out, and David didn't care much for it.

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Nicholas is 24lbs and still likes to be held, and my whole right side is killing me. I hardly use a carrier, but we were traveling a couple months ago and we bought an ergo. They are pretty durable for older kids and you can wear them on your back too.

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Definitely an Ergo! My friend still wears her 2 year old in an Ergo. I love mine and Sophia does too. Smile

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My lil girl is only 17lbs but I put her in a snuggi and took her trick or treating.. They work well for me!