Question and advise needed

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Question and advise needed

Hi girls , I had a wierd experience today... it started with shortness of breadth and then severe dizziness as If I am about to pass out... I quickly had glass of water and a spoonful of sugar and lay down... felt better in about 10mins .. anyclues as to what it might have been... ??:confused:

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I get this all the time so I would just say that's pregnancy! However, anytime you have these symptoms they could indicate something else so bring it up with your doctor. You could have got up too quickly, bp changed, iron/sugar is low... any number of things. I had this A LOT with my last pregnancy, it was very worrying so I know how it feels. Are you doing too much?

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This happened to me frequently in my previous pregnancy. The doctor said that my DD might be lying on an artery, and to lie on my left side. I'd def. call your doctor, though. This is the kind of thing they way to know about.

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I feel that way when my blood sugar is getting too low. Defintely talk to your dr about it.

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I have gotten like that twice already...the one time I was cleaning like crazy and getting ready for a play date with DD and one of her friends and another time it was from being out in the hot sun for too long while DD swam in my in-laws pool. Both times, had a banana and some water and lied down for a bit until the feeling subsided.

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Sometimes that can be caused by a drop in blood pressure... from getting up to quickly sometimes. I kind of had that happen to me the other day. I was out shopping with my girls. It was a very hot day and we had been out for awhile. I started to feel flushed and weak. I found a chair to sit down in and just sat for a bit, and then headed home. I felt much better by the time I got home and made sure to drink lots of water!

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*lurker from sept*
I had a bad dizzy spell while out grocery shopping in May. Called the dr and they said make sure to eat plenty of protein and always keep with you some peanut butter crackers or some kind of snack with protein and eat frequently. And of course lots and lots of water!

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You have more blood when you are preggo so standing up to fast can easily make you lightheaded. Plus we need to be eating something like every 3 hours right now to keep our blood sugar regulated. But there are all sorts of other possibilities like pp said. It is likely nothing serious but, I would give you doc a call just to be safe.

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Sounds like you handled it well. The PP gave great advice too! I agree with them that it's always a good idea to let your dr know when you have a strange thing happen during pg.

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Thanks everyone turns out that I am not eating enough or drinking enough water .. have always been a poor eater...but will consciously keep myself well fed (fed up ;-)) at all times..... thanks once again for all your inputs ....