Question on Aversion

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Question on Aversion

I forgot to mention in my 33 week update post that my little man has decided to turn and is again breech. Has anybody had an aversion? Would you reccommend it? My doctor told me when he discharged me from the hospital this is something I should think about.

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I have never had to do this, but I watched one of those TLC baby shows the other day (LOL) and a woman had to do this right before labor. They said that there is a small risk of placental abruption, but they said that the risk is very small. They were able to successfully turn the baby, but it did look painful. I did HypnoBirthing classes and we learned of studies where they separated women with breech babies into two groups. One group did the aversion and the other group did hypnosis for a week straight to turn the baby. The aversion group only had a 30% success rate and the hypnosis group had a 80% success rate. I know its not for everybody, but it is another option if aversion does not work for you.

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I watched the same show! Gotta love TLC. I may have to check in to the alternative options.

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I have heard of it and I think its a good option, however, at 33 weeks you still have plenty of time for baby to get into the prpoer position.

A friend of mine had her baby manually turned at 39 weeks, they just lubed up her belly and went to work. She said there wasnt pain, just discomfort from preassure.

I will try all methods before a c/s Smile

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My DD was breech at 34 weeks and we had scheduled an external version for 38 weeks....if it had worked they would have induced immediately, if not they would have just scheduled my c-section for 40 weeks UNLESS she showed signs of distress in which they would have done the section ASAP. I was going to have the epidural first because she said it could be VERY painful. However I ended up going in at 36 weeks for contractions and was already 4cm when they decided to just go ahead with a section.

That said my OB then had told me there were a bunch of things to consider.......things that make the chances of the version being more successful: those where if baby was complete breech rather than "frank breech or footling breech", maternal size (obviously the less "extra" mom has the easier it is to manuver baby, also if your placenta is posterior rather than anterior.

I had been told that my overall success rate was estimated to maybe be a 40% chance it would work because DD was footling breech, I had an anterior placenta, and I'm a plus sized momma.

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Spend a lot of time on all 4s.

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lurker... see a chiropractor for the webster technique

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I had an ECV (aka a version) with my first baby. It didn't work and I had a C/S a few weeks later. I also tried spinning babies and seeing a chiropractor for the webster's technique. Everything failed because he was too tangled up in his cord, it was wrapped around his neck and he just couldn't get out of it.

I did a lot of research before my version at 37 weeks and there are a lot of ways to do it. Some try the gentle approach while others are pretty brutal. Some places give you an epidural first and will induce right away if they are successful. The Drs who did mine were definitely brutal. It was like they attacked me! It was a man and a woman and the man tried to push baby up and out of my pelvis while the woman actually tried turning him. They didn't use lube so it felt like they were ripping my skin apart and at one point the female dr's feet were off the ground because she put all her weight into my belly. I couldn't not tighten my stomach muscles and they couldn't get through my abs. Then the final try I focused with all my might on not tightening my muscles and then DS's heart rate went down. They stopped and his HR returned to normal. Turns out it was because his cord was around his neck, so turning him was tightening his cord. It definitely hurt because of the way they did it, I ended up bruised all over.

I felt perfectly safe doing it because we were both monitored the entire time and for a good amount of time afterward. Since I was at 37 weeks if anything went wrong they could have had him out in a few minutes. I don't regret doing it at all. I didn't want a C/S and I needed to try everything I could to turn him. Now that being said I wish they had gone the midwife method and done it gently! Or an epidural would have been nice if they insisted on being so forceful. Ouch!

Like Kate said it is still really early to worry about it. But if he doesn't turn for you I would ask them the details about how they do it. Will they use lubrication? Epidural? Do they just try and muscle baby the other way or do they try to gently finesse him? If they are rough just be aware it hurts and you really need to focus on relaxing your abs. If you tense up they're just going to want to try it again lol!

If you have any other questions please feel free to PM me!

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Thanks for all the comments. I agree it is early. My OB just said on Monday to start thinking about what options I would want to take. Maybe it is because of the issues I have been having with this pregnancy. I am hoping he turns on his own.

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if you Rhesus Neg blood type. Then you will need an additional shot of anti-d. As the turning is quite traumatic. Just another thing to remember. I have never had it done, but I am O Neg and have had about 8doses of anti-d lol