Question for Breastfeeding Moms

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Question for Breastfeeding Moms

I've been pondering the fact that my little guy is going to be nine months old in less than six days. Every time I think of this, I recall that first terrible week of breastfeeding when I almost became that 25% of women who don't make it past the first three months. Then, I recall the next troublesome period and how I almost became that 50% who don't make it past six months. Frankly, I'm astounded. I've begun to contemplate the idea that I might just make it to the 12 month stage (And I hope I haven't jinxed myself by even thinking this.).

Anyway, it occurred to me that many women write birth stories but few women write breastfeeding stories. And aren't those fascinating stories in and of themselves?

I've also wondered if/how the rest of you will celebrate (or have celebrated) reaching the 12th month of breastfeeding.

Last, when my son is weaned and I have time, I have begun thinking about how I might help others who are also trying to make it through that rough first three months. Anyone else been thinking about this?

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I've definitely thought about this as well. We had a terrible first week! It was pretty tough for weeks after that as well. I've talked a lot with other mothers and mothers-to-be. I want to be an encouragement to them. My mom even said at the time that I should write it all down for other mothers having a tough time so they know they are not alone.

We are just taking things one day at a time here. I plan to let her wean when she decides it is time. But, you are so right. We NEED to celebrate the major accomplishment this has been. I'm excited to hear ideas. Smile

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Well done ladies and what a great idea. In the early days we had one hurdle after another. It took us approx 16 weeks to be pain free. I never dreamt I would get to 4months let alone 6 or wow will be 9months on Friday. I am so excited to get to 12 months. I plan on letting Callan self wean which I think will be quite soon sadly. He is such a food boy and would happily rather have a plate of table food rather than milk lol

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Just Found a Potential Organization

I think I might look into becoming a volunteer breastfeeding counselor when David is born. Here's one link on this that I found. La Leche League also has breastfeeding counselors.

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I absolutely LOVE bfing and I get sad when I see my friends have a hard time with it and give up. I've had maybe 4 friends have babies within this past year and only one has stuck with bfing. Sophia loves the boob over food so I know we will be bfing for a while and she still nurses on demand so we will nurse maybe every hour or every 4 hours. Just depends on if she wants to snack. Smile My pedi even told me to not put a time limit on it, just let the baby wean which is what we plan on doing. I would love to be able to support other women in bfing. I had no clue that they had bfing counselors! I might look into that.

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great job ladies! My goal was just 6 months, so I made it to 7 before Kessler was weaned and on formula. I'm 100% happy with that especially with the teaching position coming in August. No way I would feel comfortable in a new school trying to pump!

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I love that you all are so willing to support those who need help with bfing! Caleb is still nursing like a mad man :). We skipped baby food (just like my other 2) and went right to finger/table foods. He feeds himself, so while he loves "eating", he doesn't really ingest much. I'll let him continue nursing on demand until around 18 months and then I'll start trying to get him off the boob and hopefully be totally done by 2. That being said I'd bet he'll self wean before then. Christian stopped at 9 months (I was preggo so that probably contributed) and DD stopped just shy of 16 months.