Question for who knw the gender of the baby

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Question for who knw the gender of the baby

Hi Ladies ... just if wanted a check on the old wives tale of heartbeat and gender Dirol ..they say less than 150 is a boy :babydustblue: and above that is a girl :babydustpink: .... so please tell us your :

week of preganancy:

Heartbeats per min:

Gender of baby:

Thanks for this ...... :clappy:

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Hey I'll go first!

week of preganancy: 15

Heartbeats per min: 156

Gender of baby: BOY!

I guess mine goes against the wives tale :).

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Don't know yet... I find out Thursday morning.

Heart rate at 12 weeks was 146bpm

Gender- Boy

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I'll find out on Monday, but heart rate this morning was 147 bpm. The heart rate at 10 weeks was 162 bpm. Based on the old wives tale it should be a girl, be we'll see. I keep going from just knowing it's a girl to thinking its a boy. With DS, I just knew he was a boy, but this baby has me guessing everyday! LOL!

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Can't wait to find out! Mine should be a girl according to the old wives' tale. I feel pink! Running consistently 150's-160.

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at my US at 11 weeks babys HR was girl?? However ......

1st preg.~ Baby A's HR was always 140'a and Baby Bs HR was always 160's.....identical twin BOYS
2nd preg~ HR was always in the high 130's...BOY
3rd preg~HR was always in the 140's......GIRL
4th preg~ HR was always in the high 160's........BOY

As you can see my kids go against those "tales"

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I am pretty sure that if this is true that it isnt really valid for awhile. I think how far along you are really makes a difference.

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Lurking from Sept Smile
This baby is definitely a boy and his heartrate has always been in the 160s so far. Like someone else said, as I got further along with my first son his heartrate did go down to more 'boy' rates, but my girls went down too. My first son's heartrate was a little lower than this one and my girls throughout the pregnancy, but this baby boy is about right where my girls were

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My midwife said that ALL babies, boy or girl, were normally in the upper 150s or 160s in the first trimester and that sometimes in the second is when you'd see the slow down. But that she doesn't think that heart rate tells much about baby other than it has a heartbeat. SHe's never seen a correlation.

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Oh and I forgot....I read somewhere online that this one woman's nurse claims she has a 90% success rate on guessing gender just by what the heart beat sounds like and she was apparantely correct in guessing hers. Girl sounds like the agitator on a washing machine and boy's sound like a horse galloping. Don't know how accurate this is, but it was something fun that I had heard. Probably works just as well as the string and wedding ring test. LOL! Any gender test besides u/s will be a 50/50 chance of being right so maybe the nurse just gets lucky. Smile

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week of preganancy: 17 weeks

Heartbeats per min: 141

Gender of baby: Boy

Before I had my gender scan, the baby's heartrate was 150's to 160's which is why I thought girl, so it is definitely an old wives tale.

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bumping this up for those of you who have found out recently ...

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With my boys there heartrates were never above 150 reguardless of when it was taken. This baby was 160 which I thought was really different. I will have to listen to how it sounds on Thursday and I should have an U/S as well.

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week of preganancy: found out at 17 weeks ~ currently 18 weeks 5 days

Heartbeats per min: has been over 150 every appt but has been lower at each appt

Gender of baby: BOY

** I had a girl last time and her bpm remained high for the duration of the pregnancy. This one so far has been different since it has lowered.

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I found out at 18 weeks 3 days. The heart rate was 139 and it is a girl!

BTW this was the lowest heart rate at any appointment.

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my conclusion is that it is a 50 -50 chance therefore it is just that an old wives tale !!

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Thought I'd re-answer this since I had my gender US today...
I am 19 weeks, baby is a girl and her HR was 138 at the US.

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At 18w5d, girl and heartrate has never been below 153. With Annabelle, her heartrate never went below 140.