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Quick Update

Sorry I have not been on but I am enjoying my cuddles too much to go online lol Promise I will do a birth story and pics soon. Although writing the birth story will take longer than my labour lasted Smile

Callan Dane and I are doing great. Breastfeeding is going really well after a couple of hiccups. He lost 9% of his bodyweight but we are heading back up really well now. He looks just the same as my youngest daughter it is spooky. He is chilled out loves Mummy cuddles and has slept from 11-5 the last three nights.

My daughters are in love and the 4yr old who said we had to call him Mudd and put him in the trash now says we can keep him until he is 4.

Will catch up when I can. Congrats to all the new babies and Mamas Smile

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Glad you're all doing well. Really glad to hear that breastfeeding is going well, I know you were really nervous about it! Enjoy your baby cuddles!

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glad it's going well. I love what your daughter said. that's classic! Better write that one down!

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Congratulations again! Enjoy this time with your little man Smile

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That is so great to hear bfing is going great and I am so jealous that he is sleeping so well! Your daughter is too cute! Smile You need to write that down in his baby book.

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Oh I am so glad for the update, I have been wondering how things went for you. So when was he born? Cant wait to hear all about it!

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Aw that's too cute what your DD said! I'm so glad BFing is going so well for you this time! We need pics of Callan! I love his name BTW!